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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


Dm’s corner:

So, @ColdCanadian desired to make a new character. I figured I’d give Erdan a good sendoff. I don’t know if it really went very well (I had to change my plan to kill him a bunch of times, and then didn’t even do it in the end) and I feel really bad for making it seem like I put everyone into a Kobiyashi Maru-type unwinnable situation. Especially @RossM, who essentially had the choice to save one person or no-one. Intentionally disappearing a character in a way that feels fair turned out to be impossible! Please forgive me! I won’t be doing that again!


Stealth check!


Roop rolling Stealth
d20: 12 +5



i apologize for putting you in this position Sagantine. Next time ill just wait until my character dies naturally, or decides to retire.


It takes Ryuko a moment to recover from the sensation of being blown out into a freefall and then teleported back up.

“W-what happened, Alice?” Ryuko asks a little shaken, “Where did Erdan go? Is he okay?!”


Needle searches for Shake, with advantage
d20: 8 +7
d20: 2 +7


Mirk May be unconscious. How much damage did he take?




Hmm. I don’t think I ever rolled his level 2 hp.

10 + d8: 3 +2




Or did we take a full dice? In which case I’m on 3 hp.


Full dice!


No, worries! I made it hard on myself by trying to kill him, lol


Alice looks absolutely forlorn.
“I feel so bad… I feel so bad for making fun of him. He was just trying to help. Now who knows where he’s gone? The elf in the wand can’t tell.”
She sighs.
“It’s just going to be this over and over and over again from now on. Making friends, losing them.”

She sniffs, wipes her eyes, and sniffs again.
“Well, at least the green man is gone. That will make my father happy.”

As if in response, the door to the warroom opens. A very tall man with distinguished features and a prominent nose, slowly enters the room and surveys the scene.

Duke Vilgard carries a lantern in his left hand, and a sword in his right. His appearance is noble and dignified as one would imagine, but more gaunt and lined than one would expect. His eyes look sad. He’s probably mid-forties, but he seems to have aged prematurely, and his hair is receding.

He looks at the party, and finally at Alice, and then at the substantial breach in the wall of his house.

“What is this?” He asks, apprehension in his voice.


Her nose doesn’t fail her, Needle finds shake in the fog and whips four needles in his direction.

4d20: 19 + 6 + 13 + 18 = 56 +7

Possible damage:

4d4: 1 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 6

Shake CON roll:

d20: 5 +5


Three needles find their mark, and Shake collapses, paralyzed.

He tries to fight it off:

d20: 18 +5


Shake laughs. “You think I’m not familiar with your poisons, you viper?”
But he finds his arms have no strength to push himself up, and remains prone on his turn.


(Does Roop need to search to find Shake?)


He’s no longer actively hiding, Roop finds him no problem!


Both blades slice towards Shake’s prone figure from out of the smoke, a hard eyed dwarf with a growl on his lips close behind.

d20: 2 + 5
d20: 9 + 5
Possible damage d6: 5 + 3

d20: 13 + 5
d20: 11 + 5
Possible damage d4: 2

Extra Sneak Attack damage d6: 4