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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


Mirk sees it. A strange line of ash extending from the Lich and it’s contorting body towards his two companions. He feels the power in its last breath.

He murmers a healing word at Erdan d4: 2 +4

The steps into the path of the blast. Before saying in a slightly annoyed tone…

“Look after my horse!”


The gate is now open, and after getting directions from a representative of Cpt. Fairlane (she is quite busy), Hal and Torica are on their way to the affected villages.

It doesn’t take long to see signs of the beast’s attacks. Dead animals and destroyed
fences abound.

Torica stops to examine a cow that has a huge chunk bitten out of its back.

“Interesting. The bite is extremely clean - yet it cut straight through the spine. The jaws of this creature must be incredible.”

There are a number of tracks and other signs. Search about!


Shake leers at Roop.
“What, do you think you have the upper hand now? Do you think your thrashing around matters? In the end you’re nothing but a common thief, no matter what trappings you’ve adopted, and you’ll die like one.”

Needle attempts to break her chains. “You’re the deluded one, Shake. You’ve betrayed the people who cared for you. No-one else but me and Hann give a crap if you die.”

d20: 12 +1


Needle manages to shatter the cuffs, and rolls back and up into a standing position.


Shake swings at Roop, cursing.
“Cared for me? What good is that?! I’m over being helped by other people. I’ll bloody-well take what I want!”

d20: 19 +4

He also puffs out another huge cloud of smoke, and visibility is once again gone.


d6: 2
Needle takes another kick to the stomach, causing her to grit her teeth and hiss.


(continuity error! Both things are supposed to say that he is attacking Needle)


Mirk steps in front of the explosion just in time, taking the brunt of its power.
d10: 10 +7


The force of the explosion is great enough that Mirk, Ryuko, and the now conscious Erdan are blown clear out of the hole in the wall, into empty space.


You’re all about 15 feet apart, and about to fall 500 feet. You can hear Alice cry out in alarm and shock for a moment, but then she is out of sight.


Is there anything you would like to do?


(Wait, what? WHAT?!)


The explosion put out the fire?
Erdan has no options, so he’s just gonna telepathically send a message to Ashur

Looks like I’ve met my end. If you can save me I’d appreciate it, if not then i pray that you find a worthy partner


Ryuko, while falling, attempts to tie his rope to a bolt in his crossbow. Once he feels confident in the knot he fires the bolt into the wall and hangs on with all he was, in hopes that he can stop his freefall.

(I don’t know how many dice I’m going to need to roll with this, but I’m assuming a few. I’m on a good streak so this should be fine.)


2 dex checks and a ranged attack roll!


Dex checks:

d20: 16
d20: 8


d20: 15 + 2


Though he successfully pulls out his crossbow, he fumbles the loading, and drops the bolt!


Roop will fling a handful of ball bearings in an arc to his left, and will then shift position and try to use the smoke to Hide.
(Action, move, Cunning Action)


500 feet onto…


(It’s killing me keeping you all hanging, so I will no longer delay!)

Ryuko feels a small hand in his, and quite suddenly he is no longer falling, but sitting looking out of the splintered hole in the warroom wall. Alice steps out again and teleports, bringing back Mirk.

She disappears a third time, but does not return immediately. 10 long seconds go past until she reappears, soaking wet, with her hair clinging to her face. She’s holding Ashur’s Spike, but there is no Erdan with her.
She’s in shock.
“He’s… He disappeared… He disappeared! Right as I reached him, he was gone.”
She suddenly speaks to the wand she’s holding.
“Was it you?! Did you save him?”
She apparently hears an answer, it doesn’t satisfy her.
“Who intervened? Who took him?! Answer me?!”