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D&D5e [PBF] FIRELIGHT - Vol. 1


Needle takes the heavy blow though she manages to absorb a lot of it.

She attacks Cloak A hoping for a kill:
2d20: 18 + 18 = 36 +7
2d20: 17 + 19 = 36 +7

2d6: 2 + 5 = 7 +5/0


Is reflex just Dexterity?

Ryuko save:

d20: 7


The needles push through the thug’s throat and he gurgles his last breath, falling to the ground.

Shake changes the smoke cloud once more. It appears to turn more solid, and thick columns reach down to strangle Roop and Needle!

Make a reflex save!

d20: 2 +7


(I believe it is just dex? I can’t find anything about sorcerer save proficiency on the sorcerer page thing. Maybe they dropped that.$


(Yeah reflex saves arent called that anymore. dex saves replaced those)


As Hal and Torica walk back to Captain Fairline’s gate, he thinks for a moment of his companions… and wonders how they’re fairing with their tasks? Hopefully, it’s all been routine, simple investigation type stuff.

If there’s been any fighting…well, he only hopes the Fates guard them all well.

As he thinks of the other Blackthorns, a chill creeps past his cloak and infiltrates his skin. He whispers a quick Elven prayer to the trees–teiliae maeflâd (“play with great skill”…aka, roll well!)–and asks the leaves to deliver it to wherever his companions are…


Roop rolling Dex save
d20: 19 + 5


(the prayer seems to have worked)


Roop will see what damage he can cause on the last thug, stepping around to come at him from his blind side whilst he fights Needle.

d20: 2 + 5
d20: 4 + 5
Possible damage d6: 4 + 3

d20: 7 + 5
d20: 13 + 5
Possible damage d4: 1

Extra Sneak Attack damage d6: 5


Mirk Dex save d20: 18 +3


Needle’s arms get pushed down and behind her by the cloud, but Roop deftly dodges and his dagger finds purchase in through the Cloaked man’s ribs.

He falls backwards, and the hood and halfmask is pushed off his face. A scarred and vicious looking half-orc makes one last growl, and then expires.

Shake sneers.
“Whatever. I can deal with you myself!”


Needle attempts to get free:
d20: 5 +1


Needle can’t seem to get the cloud off in time. It retreats, but cuffs of ice have formed around her wrists.

Shake’s smoke cloud has run out of juice, so to speak, so he’s brewing another one.

He runs up to Needle and attempts to kick her to the ground.

d20: 18 +4


Shake’s kick is surprisingly powerful, Needle is slammed on the ground and she coughs up blood.

d6: 3 +3


Mirk is the only one to react fast enough to see what’s about to happen. He has a chance to do something, and that will happen by PM!


(The Lich explodes into healing candy and Mirk is going to see how much he can catch! Calling it right now!)


I’m assuming there’s only going to be enough time for Mirk to use an entirely badass one liner.


Roop slices at Shake with both his blades.
(At Advantage from the drug still? If not, ignore the second rolls and the sneak attack damage.)

d20: 18 + 5
d20: 12 + 5
Possible damage d6: 3 + 3

d20: 4 + 5
d20: 17 + 5
Possible damage d4: 3

Extra Sneak Attack damage d6: 5


(yep, the drug is still going strong)
Shake takes both strikes, grunting in pain.


“So who were the goons, Shake? Who you really working for, other than yourself?”