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D&D 5E game - The Tomb of King Leonis - Looking for players!

I’m planning on running a D&D 5E game at SHUX. It’s a once-off game I made myself and have run before. Half puzzle, half combat based dungeon crawl, exploring the tomb of a long forgotten king. I’ll be bringing all my terrain pieces and will provide minis and character sheets.

It will be afternoon/evening on one of the days, not sure yet. This is my first time at SHUX, so not sure how setting this up would work.

Message if you’d be interested in playing or have advice about running games at SHUX.


There’s now an official RPGGeek list for RPGS (I’ve added my session on there): https://rpggeek.com/geeklist/261310/shux19-community-organized-rpgs

(Come on, nerds. I can’t make it this year, still having passport problems, but anyone else who can should contact @Maximus to meetup. We love noobs for lunch new members who are willing to put this much on the line for our opinions, and want to play games with us. Let’s show Max our support.)

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