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Crossword progress!

There must be a few crossword puzzle folks in the Venn diagram of the SU&SD forums, right? Anyhow, for those who might be interested, the New York Times crossword on September 1st was an exciting Schrödinger puzzle: One of the Most Important Crosswords in New York Times History

Just thought a group of inclusive, open-minded games players might enjoy the read.


I’ve always loved that the Wall Street Journal (especially on Saturdays) occasionally does a really weird cross-word puzzle.


I’m cross-linking this with this thread, because I think that’s pretty cool, and it seems appropriate.

That is a really fabulous puzzle and I’m very impressed to see it feature in such a prominent paper!

Purely on the puzzling side of things, crossword fans might enjoy this treat from GCHQ’s Christmas puzzles last year:

(Fans of puzzles might also enjoy Looter, Algebraic, Where, Wordsearch and Registration. Some are harder than others. Looter is one of my favourite puzzles ever.)