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I watched the crokinole review the same day it dropped. I’m very excited to get one. I’m also excited enough to ramble about why I decided to buy one…

Shortly after discovering BGG and really diving into games, I saw people post about crokinole. I saw a picture on a geeklist of a board set up outside in the snow, and several responses howling in pain at the potential damage. It was heretical! BGG quickly taught me all I knew about crokinole: the boards are crazy expensive, and players take it way too seriously. I had a minimal curiosity, but I knew it wasn’t for me and didn’t bother to learn the rules. Fast forward eight years and I was very pleased to see SU&SD do a video about it. I would finally see what it was. I was intrigued within minutes. By the time he mentioned pool and air hockey, I knew I wanted in.

Growing up, I wanted to learn to play pool, but my family was far to poor to even consider getting a table and the town I lived in was so small that it didn’t have one (maybe the bar, I don’t know). I played in college and I’ve played a half dozen times with my wife (who also wants to play), but even all these years later when we own a house and make enough to buy a good pool table, my undying desire for one is no more than a running gag because of the space we would need. Crokinole appears to be the perfect solution. There’s a good chance the hole in my life might just be round!

I knew SU&SD’s popularity is large enough to influence availability so I immediately began researching suppliers and cost. I considered Mayday Games’s boards, but they have a dodgy reputation despite costing a fair bit. I found three highly-regarded manufacturers in N. America, but one had retired and one sells tournament boards with an unfavorable beauty:price ratio (I’m not his target demographic). Within a day, I’d emailed the third provider. I could get a custom board in about two months for $250. He contacted me again today to say that I might have it in only a month if I responded immediately; it seems he’s experienced a surge in orders and his schedule has changed. Hmm. I mentioned SU&SD’s crokinole review and he said, “Yes, that’s exactly the culprit.” Ah, I guess I’m not the only one who decided they needed in. :slight_smile:


Crokinole does look like a lot of fun! I’m sorely tempted, but the Carrom board languishing, unplayed, on my wall suggests that maybe I should hold off for now.

I hope you enjoy your board when it arrives :smiley:

A good set is heirloom quality, something big and heavy and awkward, you need to take a bit of care of, but as they’re often made really, really well, it can potentially last for generations. In that light, the expense isn’t all that great. Even though it’s only one game, it still costs around as much as a new console, will last much, much longer with a bit of care, is accessible to a wider age range, and is still cheaper and easier to find space for than a billiards or $1-2K shuffleboard table.

That being said, Carrom, if not as instantly satisfying, is way, way cheaper and almost as awkward to store.


My current storage solution.


That looks pretty good, whistle!

I’d help take that down if we ever had a chance to play (and put it back up again, I’m not some kind of monster).

(EDIT: or if you were here, I’d pull mine from behind the armoire, and just shove it back there after)

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All I need now is the pieces to turn it from a decoration into a game… :thinking:

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“…swamped with correspondence and orders due to that review” was how the person I contacted described it : )

Even though it will delay my getting my hands on a board of my own, I can’t help but appreciate the SUSD effect for even relatively-expensive things!

(But then I think that video was one of the very best they’ve done in recent years, and I’m honestly not surprised that so many of us were convinced by it…)


Yep, I had been hoping for a Crokinole table for my birthday but that’s not happening, thanks boys. :sob:

I was fortunate enough to play a lot of Crokinole in my late teens and 20’s, as my best friend had a gorgeous traditional (octagonal) set. I’ve been dying to have my own table ever since. I’m older now, and more settled, so the time WAS about right… mumble grumble…

Ah well, I’ve waited this long already and I’ve got the Catacombs upgrade on the way.

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Octagonal is the traditional shape? But how do you sluice your opponent’s pieces around to them?? That seems like a critical design flaw!

As for Catacombs, it took me at least a year or two to finally get a non-hideous edition of it for a reasonable price. I kept missing print run after print run. It was especially grating since I had an expansion sitting all alone on my shelf, mocking me.


I bought a smaller, cheaper board as a low risk investment to try out the game. The Ferti 65cm board was about £57 on Amazon and has been a huge hit with everyone this week. It plays really nicely, never played a real board so can’t compare but if anyone wants a way to try the game cheaply, don’t forget this option :slight_smile:
Also, the small game “Push it”, £15, has very similar sliding mechanics, it’s great.


I want to get one too but I want to get a better one, so it is around $250 and right now I spent some money on other fun things, so this has to wait :slight_smile:


SWMBO’s brother is an avid “Crokinoler” and has schooled me too many times to count. He bought his board from a custom maker out of Canada about ten years ago IIRC. It’s a fun, challenging game, but my biggest complaint, outside of never winning, is the sore fingertip I always end up with.


the sore fingertip I always end up with

It’s a technique thing.
Don’t flick at your discs from a distance; touch the disc with your fingernail, then release.
Less hit, more push. It’s more accurate, too.



Oh yes. But that’s why I lose. :laughing:

I also read a lot about Mayday Games’ boards and the risk of disappointment seems way too high for me, so I ruled that option out.

And I also believe in spending money on quality, there is a reason certain things are more expensive and if someone else offers them suddenly way cheaper I am a little bit sceptical.

There is a German saying: “Who buys cheaply buys twice.”


Or thrice, in some cases.:wink:

Mayday was the very first place I checked despite vague recollections of occasional dissatisfaction. I didn’t research beyond the price, however. At $125 (including shipping), it’s only half the price of a custom board and I suspect it would probably be fine–I’ve heard plenty of praise for their boards and, having never played crokinole, it isn’t as if I can necessarily tell the difference between a good board and a great one. On the other hand, $125 isn’t cheap and if I was going to pay that much, why not pay full price (as it were) to be assured of quality and to get a board built to my specifications? Basically, Mayday’s price, while good, is exactly wrong for me.


I have a Mayday board from the Kickstarter campaign and its alright… It was relatively cheap, and my family and I love to play it, but if I were to do it over again, I would want to get a full-price board.

Yay the board I ordered last month is done and on its way!


Mine too, hopefully. He said he said planned to mail it today. So excited…