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Costuming and Cosplay at SHUX

Hey All,

I know, I know, SHUX is a gaming convention! I get it. My first geek convention ever was Gencon. What an unbelievable and eye-opening experience that was! This was also my first taste of cosplay. So I come from a place where cosplay/costuming and gaming totally mix.

Last year I wore geek clothing every day, but kept feeling those pangs and tugs at the neighbouring convention (Fan Expo?) where so many people were cosplaying. This year I’m thinking of just doing both and wearing some game-friendly costumes to SHUX.

Anybody else like both of these things and want to chat, start a new and small subset of SHUX attendees, or maybe plan together?


I don’t really have the time or skills to make anything.
I’m planning on bringing my light-up backpack. It’ll be a great “Looking for Players” sign.

Hoping to find some great board game themed shirts at SHUX because I don’t have any.

Regardless of my circumstances, hoping that there will be a group of folks that are able to cosplay.
I’ll be on the lookout! :+1:


Actually, there was one person at SHUX17 who did cosplay. I am not sure she frequents the forums though.

And I missed it!! :frowning:

Well here is hoping for at least two this year!

There’s a thread somewhere of people prepping their mega game costumes! Apparently there are dwarves? Maybe you could join in!

I was checking into FanExpo myself and as it turns out, it’s not on the same weekend as SHUX this year. Not sure why, I guess they move it around :woman_shrugging:t2: