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Cool Ghosts Patreon


See, now this is exactly why he sneaks into your room! If he spent the time playing a game with everybody he burgled, why he’d never get anything done!

Just sayin’


I think many people see the Cool Ghosts Patreon as ‘supporting the artists’ rather than a subscription to their work. Obviously it can be interpreted the latter way, but many fans of SUSD are probably content to continue supporting them even when they are going through a dry period, content-wise, as per the concept of ‘patronage’.


There’s no obligation. Just like there’s no obligation, and never has been, for people to donate if they want to access the content. Works both ways.


Just to add my take on the Patreon. On the one hand, I understand how someone could find it frustrating to support an artist but not seeing any (visible) output.
But, for Cool Ghost, I think I remember that they were pretty open about how it was going to go. Matt was (if I recall correctly) clear that he does not want to fall in the trap of Youtube fame, as it is fickle and exhausting. Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I think that if you want to make a living as a youtuber, you do not need big and produced videos, but constant content output.
And so I think that when you support a Patreon (or at least, CG’s patreon) , you kind of take a stand against this. You’re saying that you want Cool Ghost to suceed and make videos, when and how they want, without having to be on a schedule dictated by consumers of your content, or by the youtube alghorithm and ads providers.
By this logic, you can understand that the question people who are supporting the Patreon are asking is no longer “are you going to make more videos”, but “what do you need to keep doing what you do”. And as other have said above, no one is giving money without knowing where it is going (Giving time and mental ease to Matt so he can make video on his own terms).
Hope I’m clear enough!