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Cool Ghosts Discord server


The lovely @Illessa has set up a Discord Server for the Cool Ghosts community! For those of you who don’t know what Discord is, it’s a mix between VOIP and a chat server. It is very active, and we have community games each and every Sunday (except for the Sundays when someone forget to organize something). I highly recommend that you stop by and say ho!



We also have:

Other things to be added if/when they happen!


Discord invite has expired. I know it’s been a while since Cool Ghosts has been active, I was hopping I would learn what was going on in the discord channel.


We had to revoke the invite as we were getting some rather unpleasant new members. I’ll see if we can get a new invite sorted out.

As for what’s going on with Cool Ghosts, it’s a little bit on hiatus while Matt cares for his sick wife.
You can read Matt’s post about it here:


Thank you for the response. That’s unfortunate turn of events, I was really hopping this illness was in the past.


Any chance of me being able to join that discord server nowadays?


Sorry we completely missed your reply here! Bad mod

If you haven’t already found it, the current link invite is here. I’ll update Erik’s original post so that points to the right place too.