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‘Container’ at the con?

So it wouldn’t be the easiest game to pack but is anyone thinking of bringing a copy of Container to play?

It’s not in the library (can’t imagine why it got the axe on shipping from the U.K.) so thought I’d drop a buoy here and see if anyone is inspired.

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If I end up attending I will come with it in tow. Any excuse to play. But that’s sadly a big IF right now.

Well I’ll be rooting for you!

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I could bring Container. I’d definitely like to plan a day and time to sit down with it so I’m not lugging it around all weekend.

I’m surprised it’s not in the library, though. They had it last year, which is how I first played it.

They do say the list may not be complete and games may add in or edit out closer to the event so maybe we can watch the list.

Once they finalize the convention panel info let’s reconnect and we’ll set a time and place :+1: if you’re thinking during the day or we can pencil it in for an evening session. I’m not sure how con space works, if there’s space to play in evenings or we can find a friendly local bar etc.

This is one I might get my friends to buy into playing, and if so, we have a generous sized table at our AirBNB 10-15 min east of convention center.

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I’ll check back in once I confirm one way or another. Container needs to proliferate.

If you bring the game I’ll find a table then you can bring it to the table then I’ll unpack it so you can produce a container so I can warehouse it then you can…

This is how it all starts right?

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The boats in the box are actually en route to Canada from the UK right now, but without actual engines, they are unlikely to make it to the con in time.


That’s why you need local copies, straight from the great giraffes of the Fraser River. I must find a way. Container is my Twilight Imperium.

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Should have been a KS stretch goal to add working engines.

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I can confirm that there is a copy of Container in the SHUX library. Also, unfortunately as of now, Mercury will NOT be attending this year, which is unfortunate, as I think their new Rail Pass game could have been a great seller for them.


Glad to hear! I’m sure it’s a beast to keep their BGG list up-to-date.

Although they have a paid intern now so…

Except those people are in the UK and the games are in Canada. Don’t worry though, there’s a tonne of new stuff that has been arriving and I’m sure they’ll have a fairly accurate list together shortly before the show.

The library will be much larger than it was last year, even without Starlit Citadel contributing a bunch of games

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That’s great to hear! I own the 10th Anniversary Edition, but haven’t played it yet.

Would be nice to learn how to play from experienced players (even if learning is simply watching from the sidelines :grinning:).

I’ll definitely have it in my kit. I think between me and my compatriot we brought over 100 games.


OK I’ve set up a thread for this here:


I’ve got a nearly settled TI4 date for Saturday so I’m hoping for a Friday slot for Container. But have some flexibility. Feel free to suggest ideal times in the comments here or there.

I’m gonna also tentatively pencil in info from here to there but don’t hesitate to correct me if things have changed.

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Notably it would be good to know if anyone here is up for TEACHING :nerd_face:

I’m down to teach Container pretty much any time as long as I’m playing, too. It’s not a long or complex game, just intense. Granted my scale for long may be askew, it’s under 2 hours and closer to an hour most of the time. Understanding scoring is the only minor rules bugaboo. And I haven’t played with the “expansion” mostly because I love the game well enough as it is. Enough that this isn’t jumbo enough. We are making a backyard version including a kiddy pool.


Awesome I put you down for our game!

I suspect @seethemoon will help fill the table as our 5th. Unless @chayashida decides to play (I read his offer as teaching then heading off to other adventures)

We may well find enough interest for 2+ games/tables too.

Note I updated to arbitrarily select 2pm but am wide open if anyone has a pref.

Friday and Saturday, I’d like to go to all Pandemic events/talks. Times keep being adjusted on the schedule. Should become set soon. They’re hanging around 1-6PM on both days. Sunday is fairly open. Trying to build a schedule around the events.

I haven’t received a response about helping with any demos. I’ll keep you posted if I receive a response.