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Concordia Venus


Hey! How are you lovely people?

I want to buy Concordia but I’m intrigued by the Venus stand alone edition; what I can’t work out is: if I buy the Venus stand alone edition will I be able to play standard ordinary Concordia (albeit with different maps) and have the option of playing Venus as an expansion or will I be locked into just the Venus variant?

Or am I better off starting with the basic game (which is much cheaper now*), and then looking at the Venus expansion later?

E2a: *that doesn’t seem to be true anymore - prices seem to have shot up over the last couple of days :frowning:


My understanding is you can still play base Concordia with the full version, except you won’t have access to the Italy map from the original game. This is based on a half remembered thread on BGG though, so I can’t say I’m certain, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t simple enough to do the basic game.


The more costly Concordia Venus should have the base game and allow you to play the base. And from a Concordia freak like me who owns all the maps, not having Italia isnt a big deal tbh


I was wondering about this from the other way round. Looks like the full game Venus has a map (Imperious/Cyprus) that’s not in the expansion Venus. Is this map good? Or is it just a case that this is a surrogate for the map in the original game?



I’ve emailed the publisher to find out


The game publisher jumped into a thread on BGG and said:

  1. It is possible to play the basic Concordia with the cards from Concordia Venus.
  2. We will think about the possibility of a Cyprus map (it was not intended that you buy the complete box just to get 1 scenario), but that will most likely not be before ESSEN 2019.

So getting either original base and expansion or new Venus standalone version are perfectly fine ways to play either original version or Venus partner version but if you want all the map boards right now, you have to buy original base and Venus standalone version, which is the most expensive option possible. If you do original and expansion, you won’t have Cyprus and if you do Venus standalone, you won’t have Italy (I think). From further conversation at BGG, it seems the publisher was blown away by the idea of completionists wanting EVERYTHING, which amazes me since I thought that was a known thing in board gaming.


That’s brilliant thank you!


I have all the maps, including Egypt and Crete, but not gonna be bothered missing out on Cyprus. Bit if they make a Cyrpus map, then yay!


I just got an email from pd verlag who confirms

“You will be able to play standard Concordia, the necessary cards are included in Venus stand alone. ”

Which is nice. However the price for the standalone game have dropped again on amazon so, after all that, I’m going to get the base game and see if we like it. :slight_smile: