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Compact Games for camping/travelling?

Looking for recommendations of small form factor games that will fit inside this little drawer in my campervan. 2 players must be the minimum.

Have ordered deep sea adventure recommended on the forum.

I occasionally take something social for more players if we are meeting other folks. That may be Monikers, Fake Artist, maybe One night werewolf for big groups.

What would you pack into this drawer?

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The thing I always say: Red7. That’s the game that lives in my jacket pocket / backpack.


Also Innovation and Mottainai. Each game fits in a tuckbox. Chudyk is great for this kind of thing.

High Society for an easier social game.


I was rather impressed with Hanamikoji after playing it with my wife. Sushi Go is small and would be good for when you have more players. Cases of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective would easily sit on the top or bottom of your stack of games. Jaipur would be a good fit. The Fox in the Forest is a great two player trick taking game.

If you condense all these games down, you can probably fit all of them into the Hanamikoji box (minus SHCD).


Small games that I like to cart around include: 6 nimmt, Arboretum (which comes in a bigger box than necessary but is just a deck of cards), and Hokkaido. Qwinto and Rhino Hero also come to mind, and Fungi is good for two players only.

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Pocket Hive and Tak (tavern edition) are my go-to packables, but honestly most card based games are ideal for camping, including Pairs, San Juan, Shipwreck Arcana, or… well, cards.


Has anyone said Cockroach Poker yet?

Also, Ganz Schon Clever might work OK… just mind the dice when rolling so they do not run away!

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I can definitely second Jaipur. Star Realms and Epic Card Game are both small and good, Star Realms is faster, whereas Epic Card Game can take some time.

Billionaire Banshee is a good social game. The Mind and Illusion are both small, cheap and amazing. I bring Illusion with me every time I travel and my friend brings The Mind.

Parade is pretty, and pretty small, too.

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Thanks so much everyone, such awesome recommendations. I’ve made a list and will be definitely ordering some very soon! Please share any others though, love to own great games.

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We throw the dice into the box!


+1 for Pocket Hive. Patchwork and Cave v Cave fit into each other’s boxes (down at the back) but are two players only.

I will always plug Oh My Goods by the same designer as Great Western Trail, Mombasa and Blackout Hong Kong. It’s wonderful.

If you have a crowd, Celestia is wonderful, too.

I’m also going to plug The Bloody Inn because it’s odd; the art fits the theme and it’s a great tactical battle.

Welcome To and Railroad Ink are excellent and small boxes.

There was a section on the Dice Tower podcast about making big box games very small, so they fit into your pocket. Not sure how easy it is to find those sections, but it may inspire you to try something a bit different too.

Edit: Always, always take Yahtzee. Honestly, it’s still a joy.

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Mint Works and Micro Brew are fun little worker placement games that come in mint tins. I also tend to throw some combination of the following into a purse when my husband and I travel or visit a brewery.

  • Railroad Ink (I see it’s in your box :slight_smile: )
  • Fugitive
  • Illusion
  • Hanamikoji
  • The Shipwreck Arcana
  • The Mind
  • Hive pocket
  • Onitama

Onitama’s box is probably too big for what you need, but it’s one of our go to games. It’s why I carry a big purse lol


Amazing list, really fantastic, it will keep my wish list going for sometime!

Just a little thank you to everyone, my collection has grown quite a bit but without much space being taken up. Still a lot on my to buy list.

We were away last week and played quite a lot of deep sea adventure great game my partner like to arrange in a spiral. Hive pocket has me hooked too. Those two have had a lot
of play as has cockroach salad for some reason. :smiley:


But did you make it back to the submarine?

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I did barely (blue) but my gf pushed it just a little too much and didn’t.

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