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Comic store starting a game community


Hello all first time posting here. :blush:

I am in the unique position in that my wife owns and runs a comic book store. While we are profitable with our comic customer base we would like to expand into table top gaming. Any advice on how to proceed?

I currently run a Pathfinder RPG game on the weekends and we want to host board game events and would love to get miniatures gaming going. I personally own a very large board game collection and own enough to get started in a few miniatures games.

How does the community feel about a store owner being candid? As in “If you like these events and demos we are doing please place an order for these games with us so we can continue to grow stock and community. “ is that a terrible thing to ask?

Thanks for any and all help!


I don’t have anything valuable to add on your general plan so I’ll just wish you luck there.

On being up front about “shop here if you want this stuff to continue” kind of pitch, a game store near me has this comic on the wall of their restroom which I’ve always found a clever way to make that point.



Wow totally going to make that poster size and hang it in our gaming area. :joy:


If I were you I would choose one of the major tabletop subsections and focus on that: board games, mini games, RPGs, or CCGs. There’s overlap, but each is kinda its own subculture with its own crowd and requirements. Spreading yourself too thin too fast might become a bit disorganised.

And playing devils advocate, mini games take up a LOT of space don’t they? Is this a massive store with space to spare?


You should totally put something in Shameless Self Promotion.

People have gotten attention from other posters there (including me, I’ve made purchases from people promoting their stuff there, and let’s face it, it couldn’t hurt).

I know this is not a small forum, you may not have known about that topic.

There is also Meetups, a whole category dedicated to meeting people in whatever part of the world you live in, which seems perfect for the Pathfinder weekend (my request, though, if you post something there, focus on the game, not the store.)

I think you should check out both those threads, though. They have both helped out the community.