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Comfort foods


comfort food for me is rice… i love rice… i feel satisfied stomach after having rice


Heinz Tomato soup is obviously the ultimate comfort food and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. :grin:


I tried Poutine for the first time the other day, and thought it 100% fits in here.


I think we’re all wondering this. Did it have cheese curds or some other type of cheese?


My parents make bear pho thats pretty comforting and indulgent.


Is that pho made from actual bear or something else?


It was the version of an Irish Pub in Germany, so probably not very authentic.
It was topped with crated cheese, I think, not curds, and with mushroom sauce. Pretty sure it was Cheddar at least, though.


You’ll have to try the “authentic” version if you’re ever in Canada. There’s nothing quite like the flavour and melting properties of cheese curds. It really is a pretty unique flavour unlike other cheese. I find the closest thing that isn’t the real thing is torn chunks of mozzarella. It’s not the same, but the flavour and texture is closer than cheddar in my opinion. But a good poutine is definitely one of the ultimate comfort foods for me.

Another big comfort food for me is shawarma, particularly the variety of shawarma made in my hometown of Ottawa. There’s a very large Lebanese (and middle eastern in general) population in Ottawa and as a result there is a shawarma place on almost every block (not an exaggeration). The Ottawa Lebanese variety, along with the seasoned potatoes on the side, is always served with toum, an amazing and intensely garlicy paste the likes of which I have yet to find produced elsewhere. There are hundreds of shawarma places in Toronto, but I’m always disappointed because they either top the shawarma with tahini instead or, if they do have toum, it isn’t garlicky enough. The first thing I always do when I go back to Ottawa is get shawarma.


Yea. Its made with black bear meat. You can hunt black bear via lottery permits in Minnesota.