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Comfort foods


What are your favorite comfort foods? According to Wikipedia, comfort foods tend to be nostalgic (my mom’s scallion pancakes), indulgent (ice cream), and/or easy to prepare (I have a quick and easy mac & cheese recipe, which also qualifies as indulgent). A couple I’ve made recently are apple crisp (easier than an apple pie since there’s no crust) and bread pudding, and I’m always looking for new crowdpleasers.


My go-to is a vegetarian chili. Not only is it friendly to most people’s diets, it’s also delicious and easy to make (particularly with a slow cooker). All you need is some onions, capsicum and chilli, then a few tins of beans of whatever varieties you like.


Beans on toast, with marmite. Quick, cheap, easy, not unhealthy and comforting. (Definitely nostalgic, for me, it’s what my parents gave me frequently for dinner after school)

Also Pizza, obviously.


Hm, I get a crawling suspicion most of the things I enjoy are comfort food…


Pizza. Brought to me in a box by someone. This is comfortable in numerous ways.


My grandma’s PeanutButterScotchDrop cookies.

Ingredients: Corn flakes, 6 cups, crushed; Peanut butter, 2 cups; butterscotch chips, one package (the standard size is, I believe, 16 ounces here).

Preparation: melt peanut butter and butterscotch chips in sauce pan over low heat. Stir until smooth. Add corn flakes. Remove from heat. Using a spoon, scoop cookies in 2-inch (5cm) balls and place on wax paper. Air dry (or refrigerate for faster drying).


My comfort food the past few years has been pie dough, topped with cheese.

I make the recipe for half a single pie shell, then top it with cheese and bake at 415 F for 12 to 15 minutes or until done.

It’s like homemade crackers, the easy way.

Haagen Dazs also goes on sale a lot around here, so that usually makes it into my freezer on occasion.

Of course, if we’re talking about proper cooking, then if I have leftover rice, I like my rice balls or to whip up a nice fried rice of some variety.

And you can’t go wrong with butter-fried shrimp with garlic.





Mussels!!! Love mussels with a creamy white wine/cider/whisky sauce and loads of bread to soak up the tasty saucy goodness.
Made a batch with white wine cream sauce and smoky bacon and the wee yin loved them. New daddy-daughter treat dinner

(split the batch of mussels over 2 days as mum’s not keen on them and a full kilo’s a bit much in one sitting; and made garlic crumbed mussels and spicy tomato soup the next day.)


I forgot Korma, or Tikka Masala, with naan and mango chutney, paneer and anything aloo


If it is pure comfort - hot buttered toast. With good bread and tonnes of great salty butter.


And possibly crisp sandwiches. Which don’t require quite so good a berad…


Fish finger sandwiches.


Spring seems to have settled in at last, and the sea temperature is just about getting warm enough for me to contemplate breaking out my wetsuit for regular Sunday morning swims. My wife and daughter play on the beach whilst I usually freeze, and then we go grab brunch at a local cafe. There’s a particular comfort food that tends goes with this - black pudding and poached eggs served on a savoury scone with hollandaise sauce. It’s tasty, warming and has a real comfort element because the whole thing has become a bit of a family ritual.


Irish stew and dumplings. My wife makes amazing dumplings… drools


Spicy chicken and chorizo jambalaya is my go-to comfort food, cooked with my own take on Cajun seasoning with black pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic, dried thyme, ground coriander and sprinkling of cumin seeds. It’s something I’ll cook a giant pot of if I’m feeling under the weather with the intention of storing most of it for later, but then make terrible life decisions. :stuck_out_tongue:


Saag paneer, linguine alla carbonara, kimchi fried rice and pasta puttanesca with meatballs. All quick, easy and so, so satisfying :slight_smile:


Fries eggs and bacon on a butterEd toasted sesame bagel, drizzled lightly with sirarcha sauce. Yum