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Collecting Data for a new Board Game Store


First time poster here. Hope everyone had a great holiday. TLDR: Game Survey - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf2hlZMKlBczZtfvJjuXLjvZL4ccdq2Bx_VwdrcfsRyDOhyqQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

During November I was told that I would really like the game Terraforming Mars. So I went out and purchased it. I didn’t realize modern board games had gone up so much in price. Fortunately I liked the game, but I realized if I didn’t like it I would have just blown $60. Anyways, it got me thinking about all the great games out there that I may never get to play because of just how expensive things have gotten. So me and my brother are thinking of starting a board game shop and would like to get a feel from the board game community about how they experience games.

If you have time please take our survey as it will greatly help shape our business and hopefully allow us to provide an alternative path to accessing new and fun games. Thanks!


The form could really use the ability to check multiple options for some questions - especially “How do you hear about new board games you may want to try?”. Or rephrasing to “how do you most often find out about new board games” or something


What @Klagarn said about multiple options.

Also, I think your survey misses an angle relevant to your interests. There are a lot of games I’d like to try (hence the game rental idea being interesting), but the reason I don’t buy them is because I have a lot of games already that already don’t get enough table time. So if I buy a new game, it has to improve my collection by either doing something new or doing something better than games already there (which then get culled). This limits the number of games I buy, which is why I’m more accommodating to the inflation of prices. That said, to answer your second to last question, I also have had problems with “Don’t have anyone to play with” and “Not enough time.”