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Chinatown at the printer


Just a heads up: Chinatown is now “at the printer” according to Z-Man’s website. Finally.

So, it’ll be on stock after some months.



Great news! I’ve been waiting for this.


Shipping now! https://zmangames.com/en/upcoming/

I’ts also for sale from Z-man. Should hit retail soon-ish.


Hopefully you animals will control yourselves long enough that it’s still on store shelves when my partner goes shopping for my birthday!


Depends. When is your birthday and how far ahead of time does your partner go shopping for it?



Dang good question! We are expecting our second child in July… so… it may be June… or it may be… I dunno, September? Depends on when our new little girl decides to arrive, I suppose.


Mine too!

Hmm, lots of variables. No guarantee then. :stuck_out_tongue:
Actually, I have no interest in Chinatown, so I’m no threat to the supply. It’s the least I can do.

Literally. The least.