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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


Newly revived Tamil is back up to bat! Well actually he’s prone on the ground right now, but you get the idea! @Abubu is next!


Tamil stands and casts santuary as a bonus action, shrouding Go’in in a shimmering protective dome. As long as he doesn’t deal any damage to or attacks an enemy they have to make wisdom saves with DC 13 to target him otherwise their attack must target another enemy within range (without moving). If there are no enemies within reach they lose their attack. He then dashes to stand next to Ulthal.


Whiro freezes seeing his friends tackle the guards, unable to think of any other way to help he shouts encouragement at Go’in.

(There’s been a bit of a shooting in my town so you all carry on without me. My family’s all fine, I’ll just be a little distracted for a day or two.)


(All the best to you and your community! Take your time and be with your family and friends. The game can wait till you’re ready.)


(@Sagantine :slight_smile: )


Iris pulls as large a mass of water out of the river as possible, she will try to dump it on the closest enemy and freeze it to prevent them from moving…

d20: 13 +6


(By the way rolling three 1s in a row was a 1 in 8,000 probability)


The water slams down on Guard 2 and freezes as it does so. Only the Guard’s head and hands emerge from a newly created column of ice and he’s unable to move.


With Dernug pinned by Bear-Go’in and the newly created Gaurd-sicle only one adversary remains for Ulthal.

The Goliath swings his Greatclub once again in an attempt to knock the remaining Guard uncounscious!

d20: 16 + 3


d8: 6 +1


Ulthal deals a fierce blow to the top of the guards head and he crumples under the blow. His eyes roll in his head before he collapses to the ground and drops his sword.

A small rivlet of blood trickles down the side of the guards head, but he still breathes.

(We are out of combat initiative… for now!)


“Glad that’s over. Let’s tie up these two,” Tamil says gesturing to the non-icicles.

He pulls some rope out of his pack and helps Bear Go’in with the dwarf first before moving onto the unconscious guard.

“How do you guys want to proceed? Anyone in desparate need of healing?”


Once Tamil has tied up Dernug, Go’in reverts back to himself.

“Dernug was able to speak as himself. His mind is fighting the control over him. Perhaps I can help strengthen his mind and will to break him free of this curse.”

Go’in pulls his mortar and pestle out of his bag and begins sifting through the contents of his herbalism kit.

He mumbles to himself as he rummaged, “…need something…need something…” and shaking his head. “Ah-ha!” He holds up a little piece of bark triumpantly. “This is from the trees around where I grew up on this island. It is used heightening physical stamina during competitions.” He shoves it in his mouth and begins chewing while he talks, “…just…hade…ta…chew it…a libble bit…ta soften it.” He grabs a couple grass seeds from his pouch, covered in ergot, “for the mind” he says as he pitches them into the mortar and spits in the bark. He adds a few more ingredients and mixes it all together with some water.

“Okay, Tamil. Help me get this down his throat.” Go’in says as he bring the cup with the mixture over to Dernug.

(Do we need a strength roll or persuasion to get him to drink?)


Medicine (+5) roll for Go’in (proficiency with herbalosm kit =+2?)

d20: 4+5+2


Dernug fights to not drink the concoction, but with some extra hands to help it’s eventually forced down his throat. He still physically strains at his bonds, but his facial expression softens after a moment.

“You musn’t untie us. The foul magic that has taken us will not let us rest until we destroy you!” Dernug says whilst flexing against the rope, “I’d not hold it against ya if ya run us through and spare yerselves tha worry.”


“We’d like to put an end to this curse. Do you know how? We already brought the seasons back to the rest of the island.” Iris leans in.


“Lord Eleoth activated tha crystal,” Dernug grunts, “As soon as tha dome went up Shai Brevic showed his true colours and took over. Far as I know only the Lord can take tha dome down again.”


“Perhaps we simply need the four elements to shatter the crystal and lower the dome,” Tamil says, contemplating their choices.

“We will not be killing any of you for actions outside of your control,” he adds as an afterthought.


“True colours? What is Shar Brevic, really?” Iris looks at the skeletons. “Some kind of evil Wizard?”


Dernug grunts at Tamil’s decision, “At this point it would be a release. We have been puppets for what feels like an eternity.”

Dernug thrashes against his ropes briefly before his body relents and returns to twisting and straining.

“Yer closer ta tha truth than we were, lass! Shai claimed himself ta be a Cleric so powerful as ta bring back the deceased. Lord Eleoth put ta much faith in that claim and gave him a study in tha castle and employ as an advisor. I dannae know what type of foul magician he actually is.”


“My friend, where is the crystal held and is Lord Eleoth under the cleric’s control as well, or can he be reasoned with?”