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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


(Tamil has some kind of death defying roll to make now right? I don’t want to go jumping the queue again.

Also bear Go’in has how much health!? I suppose you are a bear…)


Tamil death saving throw

d20: 14


1/3 towards stabilizing

0/3 towards death


(Oh, also, rolling again for guard 1 since Tamil was unconscious so he would have had advantage)

Guard 1 d20: 15 + 4


Still doesn’t hit… barely…


(Im afraid all Whiro has left is murder and sound effects, so he’ll probably stick to the murder.)

Seeing Tamil take a mortal blow Whiro falters for a moment. Oh God’s, we’re going to die. I should run. I’ll survive, but they… No. I can’t just leave them like I left… no.

Whiro channels his anger and fear into the next spell he casts, directed at the skeleton construction that hurt his friends.

Sacred Flame,
If the skeleton fails a day saving throw vs DC 13 it takes d8: 4 radiant damage.


(Sorry, I’ve been busy vacationing! All this free time and somehow it’s harder to run a game! Wha!?)

Bear-Go’in tears into the SkeleVoltron with his jaws and crunches through a pivotal supportive spinal column. The bones that remain, charred and splintered, can no longer withstand the assault. Whatever foul sorcery had been keeping them together collapses and so does the skeletal cage surrounding Dernug.

The dwarf hits the ground as bones bounce off his armour and land all around him.


(Sorry @fodder256! I was slow on responding to the turns. You can retake your last go! We are still in initiative!)


(I think Whiro will do the same thing but aimed at the guard nearest Tamil.)


Iris will use her last lvl 2 slot to cast Cure Wounds on Tamil at lvl 2.

2d8: 4 + 8 = 12 +4 hitpoints healed!


Iris is not sure what to do, it doesn’t seem like it’s possible to stop the guards without killing them.
“Try to just knock out the guards, perhaps we can tie them up?”


As Tamil opens his eyes, he’s greeted with the remains of the skeletal beast before him. His first thought is of the bewitched subjects, and he regards them with tentative hope that the spell is now broken.


Guard’s Dex Save:

d20: 10 +2


Guard 1 flinches from Whiro’s spell.

Ulthal takes a cue from Iris and swings his club at Guard 1!

d20: 16 + 3


d8: 7 + 1


The greatclub connects squarely on the guard and the guard looks temporarily stunned before turning on the Goliath.

d20: 17 + 4
d8: 4 + 2

The Second Guard continues it’s attack on Bear-Go’in and Dernug rises from the bone pile and advances on Go’in as well.

“It’s all Shai’s doing!” Dernug says. The muscles in his neck strain, as he fights some unseen force. He draws his sword and brings it down toward the bear.

Guard 2
d20: 5 + 4
d8: 7 + 2

d20: 14 + 4
d8: 2 + 2


A blow is landed across Ulthal’s arm and Dernug manages to connect with the furry mass of Bear-Go’in!

Turn order:



(Is my elemental tattoo still visible or “usable” when I am in animal form?)

Go’in wonders if the spell on the guards can be broken the same way the sheild around this place was interupted. He definately doesnt want to harm Dernug and would rather flee the rest of this battle and continue onward rather than harm him.

Bear-Go’in will attempt to grapple Dernug to the ground by knocking him on his back and holding him down.

Grapple action: d20: 8+4


(Time for DM to roll some ones, lol)


Dernug grapple save:

d20: 3 + 2


Bear-Go’in swats Dernug back after his attack, like a bug, and easily pins the dwarf under a massive paw! The wind is knocked out of Dernug’s lungs as Bear-Go’in pins him and he gasps for air.