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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


(Oops sorry!)

Whiro will continue trying to set everything on fire, throwing a firebolt at the skeleton, and backs away from the guards.

d20: 1+5 to hit
d10: 8 fire damage if successful


(neat… Anything not being worn or carried struck by the fireball catches fire.)


(Dont tell me what happens! I’ll tell you!!! … But yeah, everything is one fire now.)

Whiro aims high on the skeleton and misjudges its form as it’s mass has been continually whittled away. The firebolt sails over the creature and ignites the hedge and a small shed behind the fight.

The Skele-Voltron is silhouetted by fire in the dark and looks badass. If the adventurers had knowledge of electric guitars they would imagine a pretty heavy metal lick would be playing right now.

But they don’t have that knowledge.


@Sagantine Can Iris get a third critical fail for the strike out?


(Sorry, the everything catches fire bit is part of the spell text. I thought would be prudent to bring it up then.

Also, go Iris! Prove we’re the ‘best’ adventuring party!)


(I’ve been rolling critical fails in every game recently, gettin’ super annoying)


Iris will hit Skeletron with a Thunderwave!

d20: 1 against 15? 14? con save

2d8: 2 + 8 = 10


Hahahaha! How is that possible???
Good thing I went with my gut and made it a save instead of an attack roll


(Luckily you were rolling for the enemies save. If that had been your roll we would have had to honour the three strikes and you lost D&D rule! A whole campaign gone like that!)

(I’m gonna roll a save for the guards as well.)

d20: 8


Updated map, now with fire!

I’m going to assume Iris steps 5’ foreword to catch all enemies in the thunder wave? The 15 ft cube will nicely center on the enemies and not her allies! If any of that isn’t kosher lemme know!


Improvising some fire damage:

d8: 6


Ulthal Greatclub Attack:
d20: 9 + 3
d8: 2 +1


A lot of things happen at once!

Iris steps forward and a thunderous blast emits from her hands. The force skids the guards on the ground backwards, but they manage to retain their footing.

The SkeleVoltron is not so dexterous. The diminished bone mass is still large, but not as dense as it once was. The blast picks up the monster and hurls it backward onto the burning hedge.

It is at this moment that Ulthal takes a swing at the monster, but finds nothing but air where bones previously were.

As the SkeleVoltron crashes down amongst the burning topiary, bones fly everywhere. There is hardly anything left of the construct. Two feeble bony appendages lash out, one still “holding” Tamil’s sword, trying to push itself out of the fire.

Dernug screams as the flames find his body amongst the bones that we beginning to crackle like dry kindling.


Attack at Tamil:
d20: 20 + 5
2d6: 3 + 5 = 8 +1

Attack at Bear-Go’in:
d20: 12 + 5
d6: 6 +1

Guard 1 at Tamil:
d20: 9 + 4
d8: 2 +2

Guard 2 at Bear-Go’in:
d20: 19 + 4
d8: 8 +2


Critical Hit extra damage:
2d6: 1 + 6 = 7


A lot more things happen!

The SkeleVoltron shudders and lurches and manages to pull itself out of the fire. Dernug has been pulled out of the fire, but is burned. The two remains appendages slam down at Tamil and Bear-Go’in.

Bear-Go’in feels the boney whip slash across his back! And in the coldest sense of irony, Tamil’s lodged sword pierced where the boney whips could not. Tamil feels his own blade slam home, through his chest plate.

The pain only has the briefest moment to register before the boney whips rear back, taking the sword with it. As the blade is jerked back, bursts of blood spurt from the hole rhythmically and Tamil’s vision goes first grey and then black.

“Oh gods,” Gasps a guard nearest Tamil. “Please no more. We can’t stop it. We’re not in control!”

With Tamil down both guards draw longswords,
faces horrified, and stab at Bear-Go’in.

(Health check for @rex_mundi? I’m assuming they both hit for a combined 14 damage, with bear AC at 11? But I may be forgetting some secret armour and Druid stuff!)


(And after that carnage, it’s @rex_mundi ‘s turn! If you guys keep critically failing and I keep rolling like a champ I’ll get my TPK yet!)


Tamil is -6/-25 towards death


Bear-Go’in health is 3/34 (if I calculated right: 7+10+14 from the guards and skeletron, right?)

Bear-Go’in continues attacking the largest threat with what is the last of his bear strength:

Bite attack on Skeletron: d20: 9+5
Damage: d8: 3+4

Claw attack: d20: 1+5
Damage 2d6: 4 + 2 = 6+6


(Oh! I forgot about the temp hp from Iris’s spell! And I miss calculated total damage because of all the carnage happening at once) Bear-Go’in health is 13+4/34

Edit: actual damage calculation