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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


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Go’in reals from the blow. He charges at the monster, as he transforms into a bear. He clamps his jaws onto the arm the struck him and begins clawing at it.

Bite attack: d20: 5+5
Damage d8: 7+4 piercing

Claw attack: d20: 12+5
Damage 2d6: 4 + 1 = 5+4 slashing


Bear-Go’in takes a snap at the arm, but is too slow. However his claws are faster and with a swipe a shower of bones break off from the appendage and rain down.

(Tamil is up!)


Just as Go’in’s attacks land, Tamil appears from behind his beary good friend and strikes at the other tentacle.

Attack d20: 8 + 7 + 3


Right as the hit lands, a pulse of light travels down the the blade and hits at the same time. (Divine smite)

Damage d8: 8 + 5 + (3d8: 6 + 8 + 2 = 16 radiant damage) x2 for weakness (presumably)


Tamil’s sword strikes a boney tentacle and as the pulse of light contacts the creature an explosion of light expands rapidly.

The creature shrieks as pieces of fragmented bone fly through the air. The tentacle is now a jagged stump.


Whiro winces as he’s struck, although the observant will notice a whisper of fire run back up the whip, leaving embers in it’s wake.
(Hellish rebuke, as a reaction to being struck. 3d10: 10 + 3 + 7 = 20 half damage on Dex save vs DC 13)

Holding his arm, where the whip drew blood his other hand flies forward, throwing fire at the creature.

(Scorching Ray, three fireballs at the same target.
Ranged attacks d20: 16 +5
2d6: 2 + 5 = 7 damage if hit

d20: 17+5 to hit
2d6: 4 + 3 = 7 if hit

d20: 16 to hit
2d6: 2 + 6 = 8 if hit)


Skele-Voltron Dex Save: d20: 15 +1


Fire blasts over the monstrosity and pummels it backward with each ray of flame. Another of the skeletal tentacles fall apart, partially turned to ash.


Iris will cast Heroism at with a level 2 spell slot, And touch both Bear’in and Tamil, giving them both 4 temp hp per turn.


Ulthal casts Burning Hands and issues a fan of flames from his hands at one of the monsters remaining tendrils.

Damage: 3d6: 1 + 1 + 6 = 8

SkeleVoltron Dex save: d20: 4 + 1


A ripple rolls through the monster and bones begin to shift away from it’s center mass. Two new tendrils grow as the bones shift outward.

Two of the guards drop to the ground with a thump, the boney cages holding them together now gone. The guards rise to their feet and begin to advance on the party. “I’m sorry,” One of them moans, “I don’t want to!”

The smaller SkeleVoltron turns its attention to Tamil and strikes at him with all four, diminished, boney whips.

To hit: d20: 2 + 5
Damage: d6: 3 + 1

To hit: d20: 3 + 5
Damage: d6: 1 + 1

To hit: d20: 13 + 5
Damage: d6: 5 + 1

To hit: d20: 17 + 5
Damage: d6: 6 + 1


Freed guards will act in previous Turn Order:


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Bear-Go’in ignores the released guards and continues his attack on the monster’s appendages.

Bite attack: d20: 4+5
Damage: d8: 2+4

Claw attack: d20: 19+5
Damage: 2d6: 6 + 6 = 12+4


Tamil 4thp+10hp/25 hp

(Can I make a melee touch attack to cast Protection from Good and Evil on one of the guards?)


(You can try anything in D&D! Results may vary!)


Bear-Go’in’s jaws are just too slow for the nimble bone appendages! While the SkeleVoltron dodges the teeth it doesn’t track the claws and Bear-Go’in smashes through one of the diminished bony whips, leaving three.


Tamil considers attempting to assist the guards first, but he’s pretty sure that’s exactly what the skeleton hoard wants and so he dodges around them and lashes out at the bones once more.

To hit d20: 1 + 7 + 3





Tamil gives the guards a wide breadth and plunged in at one of the skeletal whips. The sword finds a hole between the joints of the bones and it becomes lodged. The boney appendage continues it’s momentum and wrenches the sword from Tamil’s hands!

One of the three appendages now, unintentionally, wields the sword a sit swings through the air.


@fodder256 Whiro is up to bat!