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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


Go’in, having never tested how far his ability to fly using the air currents, makes it 25 feet over the moat before crashing down into the water in a great splash!

(Can Go’in swim? Let’s find out! Athletics roll, please!)


(Oh, haha! I didn’t realize it was more than 25 feet across)

Athletic roll d20: 17


Go’in swims surprisingly well and quickly reached the bridge (or shore you departed from, your choice).


Snickering at Go’in’s flop into the water, Tamil decides to test out the bridge as it was his request in the first place. He edges across at half speed, trying his best not to slip as he does so.


(Everyone who wants to cross the impromptu bridge choose either an athletics or acrobatics roll with advantage if you’re being careful.)


Whiro acrobatics with advantage.
d20: 3 +0
d20: 12 +0


Go’in uses his embarrassment from falling in the water to fuel his swim over to the bridge. He will proceed with a little more caution this time, as he finishes crossing the moat on the bridge.

Acrobatics with advantage:
d20: 4+3
d20: 16+3


Ulthal is rather confident in his ability to cross the ice. Having grown up among the upper mountain peaks it wouldn’t be the first time he’s had to cross slippery terrain. Privately though, he was a bit worried about embarrassing himself.

d20: 8 +3


Tamil Athletics d20: 11 + 6
Advantage d20: 2 + 6


((@Sagantine :slight_smile: ))


Iris goes full frozen and manufactures herself a handrail out of ice as she crosses the bridge.
2d20: 2 + 2 = 4 +2 or 3?


(oh deear)


Everyone makes it over the bridge without incident, except for Iris…

Bringing up the rear she attempts to create an icy railing, but the bubbling water creates problems. Iris slips and falls backwards, on top of the skeleton arm, as her ice bending fuses it to her back.

The tiefling gets across but now sports an icy backpack attached to an arm that attempts to flail her in the face.

Hit: d20: 19
Damage: d4: 1


The arm manages a bony slap, but seems unaware of what it is doing as it continues to swing about.

The crossing has caught the attention of the skeletal figures among the grounds and they advance on the party. Dernug, the dwarf, and a few other members of the court also begin to advance while drawing weapons.

“Flee… this… place,” Dernug grunts, forcing out each word.

(Roll for initiative!)


Whiro giggles at Iris’s predicament until the icy hand strikes her face. “Ohh, that looks like it hurt. I’ll help you once we’ve dealt to this lot.”
When Dernug speaks Whiro replies “I’m sorry, but we can’t. We need to lift this curse.”

Initiative - d20: 10 +0



Hopefully that map is pretty self explanatory. The royal guards are the people like Dernug, skulls are skeletons, and Iris gets a crossbones with her to represent her fashionable, new backpack.

Skeleton Initiative: d20: 19 + 2
Guards Initative: d20: 18


“Dernug! You are still there. Fight this power with the stubbornness only a dwarf can muster!” Go’in encourages the old acquaintance as he perpares to fight.

Initiaitive d20: 13+2


Ulthal Initiative
d20: 19 +2


Tamil initiative d20: 15 - 1