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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


Whiro feels a thick magic around him as he moves under the dome, but it feels like it’s kept at bay from affecting him. As if he’s holding a lantern to keep the fog at bay, the magic swirls near, but can’t advance.

The Voice speaks into his mind. “It is so near. Find the crystal and shatter it and this spell will be undone. And our contract will be considered fulfilled.”

OOC: You rolled so well that there will be more information to come, but right now that’s all you know. It’s a pretty good summary of what you guys know so far. Any assumptions you make are yours! :wink:


OOC: After a quick search to refresh my old man memory I have discovered that Iris, after gaining her water powers, discovered from Titania (I think), that Princess Norvia died and the King enacted the dome to resurrect her. Iris shared that much info, so you have that!


“hmm… we might have time for a rest, as the magic doesn’t seem to be effecting us yet. Although night might be our best chance to sneak in.”

When Whiro hears the voice, he shudders. Given the time he’ll try wrapping the handle of the magic short sword in cloth, to try protect his hand next time he uses it.


Ulthal looks about, “I think its best to move forward.”


“I agree with Ulthal, we don’t really know what to expect in here. I’d much rather be further away from whatever those things are,” he nods to the shapes in the distance, “before we camp.”


(Quick vote on who would like to proceed, and who would like to make camp! Majority determines party action, but as always you are free to act how you would like!)

  • Make camp
  • Push on
  • Other

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(@twispby 4/5 say push on, but Iris has the support of the watchers :P)


(Iris is very persuasive)


As the party gets closer to the Castle the figures amongst the shrubbery and hedges become visible. A handful of them seem to be under the employ of the Lord Eleoth judging by their matching garb and the crest of Horrae stitched into their tunics.

Go’in recognizes one of the staff as Dernug, a gnarled dwarf who has long served as an ambassador between the ruler and the dwarf tribes of Horrae.

The majority of the shuffling masses are less… fresh looking. Skeletons trod through the dark, some wearing rags and others armour, a few still bear some hair, or stretched skin and ligaments.

None of the figures notice the groups presence on the other side of the moat. The water gently roils and it looks to be nearly a hundred feet to the other side.


Tamil turns to Ulthal, “Think you can make a bridge across this?”


Uthal walks up to the edge of the moat. “Might be a bit of a stretch, haven’t made on this far before, but lets see what we can do.”

He kneels down and takes a fistful of soil into his hand. Eyes closed in concentration, the goliath scatters the dirt across this moat.



(Make a roooooolllll!)


(I’ll be honest, I forget what the requisite modifier is…)

Ulthal Earthen Roll

d20: 7


(plus charisma!)


So 7 +3 = 10


Iris attempts to add ice strength to the potential land bridge.

d20: 10 +6 I think


From within the moat damp earth rises in wavering column and connects either side of the moat. It looks unstable and the wet earth begins to crumble when Iris solidifies it with a coating of ice. The impromptu bridge is stable, but looks slippery.

It is confirmed to be slippery when a nearby skeleton is drawn in by the noise of the bridge’s creation. The boney fiend takes a few steps on the bridge before slipping and crashing down. One of the skeletons arms breaks off when it makes contact with the bridge and the rest of its body falls into the moat.

The arm rattles on the icy earth, moving independently from its owner, finger joints and wrist convulsing, seeking quarry.


Wary of the bridge after watching the skeleton, Go’in decides now is a good time to test his air element ability. He raises his hands, palms up, to waist level and with a shift in the breeze, his feet leave to earth as an air current lifts him off the ground and carries him to the other side.


(Whiro wants to cross the bridge and liberally apply fire to everything, but can’t think of a suitable way to say it over a stange agressively happy jingle about bells.)