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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


Whiro nods in agreement. “I’m sure we’ll get you through here. I like Iris’s suggestion of all of us pulling you through. Or maybe if we all use our powers on the barrier it’ll break?”


Go’in was amused when Whiro walked through the barrier and Tamil bounced back. But, when Tamil suggests that he won’t be joining them further, Go’in agrees with the others…they need to find a way for Tamil to cross.

“Okay Iris. Let’s give it a try.” Go’in stretches his hands with the new tattoo out toward the barrier.


Go’in’s hand glows near the barrier and passes through with minimal resistance, like the others.

(If you’re trying something, you need to be a bit more specific in what you’re attempting!)


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Ulthal nods as Iris talks. “Agreed. We can’t leave you behind here now.”

The goliath tries to think but is at a bit of a loss as to what to do. He looks at his mark and mutters to himself, “Wonder if we can dig underneath.”

He is somewhat inattentive to the other suggestions and puts both palms face down on the ground. He tries to pull a small volume of the earth from underneath the barrier and move it so that Tamil can fit through.

(Roll might be necessary?)


Seeing Urthal try to use his powers to get through the barrier Whiro does the same. “Good idea Urthal!” He says, summoning a ball or two of fire and throwing them at the barrier.

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The force of the rupturing earth and the fireballs shatter a small portion of the barrier! A hole, about the size of rabbit, opens up. The barrier directly around the hole is badly shattered with spider-web like cracks tracing outward.

For those inside the barrier it looks like a mist is coming from the outside through the hole.

The mist only penetrates a short distance, but as it flows near the ground the colour of the grass seems more vibrant. It wasnt noticeable when you passed through the dome, but with the grass as a comparison the colours here seem muted.


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“It seems to be working!”
Iris pulls water out of the soil and tries to blast it at the bubble near the crack.
“Lef’s get this thing open!”


“Lef indeed!” Whiro doubles down on throwing fireballs at the shield, although tries to make them roughly Cynian shaped.

d20: 2 + 5(?) Firebending.


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((The sound of a deer goring a man can be heard faintly in the distance))


((Wait, What?!))


As the group assaults the crack with the elemental force it widens and opens further. Small pieces of the dome fly off and disintegrate in the air. Soon a hole big enough for Tamil to enter through has been made.

More of the outside atmosphere enters into the dome in a swirling mist, brightening the immediate five feet and washing away the muted colours.


Go’in had removed his hand from the dome when Ulthal had suggested attacking it. As the dome starts to show signs of giving away, he joins in with the group and assults the structure tmwith the wind.

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“Ah ha! The party is joined once more! And apparently with colours… Weird.” Whiro considers the odd change before dismissing it. “We’ll shall we head towards the castle?”


Cynian is the name of Abubu’s character in the Pendragon game.


Warmed by his allies’ insistence they not part and dazzled by the way they opened the way forward, Tamil rubs at the tears forming and grins all the brighter as he steps forward through the dome.

“Let’s finish this.”

Cynian is about to lose a roll to a deer and be gored as an explanation for that haha


OOC: Gotcha. I thought you might be trying to kill yourself out of the game via deer!


The party, now under the dome, heads up the rise, approaching from the west, towards the castle. A five minute climb leads them over the crest of the hill revealing of a castle with three towers, silhouetted by the rising moon.

In the fading light you can see that the grounds around the castle are landscapes and manicured and there appear to be no defensive walls. Instead a moat of roiling waters encircles the grounds. To the Northwest and Southest the most feeds into two of the four rivers dividing the island.

Among the landscaping are many hedges and pruned trees. Slowly moving among them are shapes, but the fading light makes it difficult to discern much more than their presence.


“That’s a sight.” Iris is pleased by everything right now, and is especially happy that Tamil made it through the barrier. “Should we make camp? I don’t want to be surprised.”


“Yess… I don’t want to be surprised either, and some time to collect our thoughts would be good… But I feel like we should spend as little time here as possible. We don’t know what magic is effecting us here.” Whiro looks at the shapes in the distance and thinks back to where they broke the dome. “I wonder if only effects the people who where here when it was cast.”

d20: 20 + 3 Arcana to try work out how the spell might effect us.


So I can’t remember / find in the thread how much we, the characters, know about the spell. We know the spell effecting the island is a time stopping spell, but aren’t sure how it effects the castle inside the barrier right? Is it too much of a stretch to assume that the time stopping effects might be stronger in here, in that the occupants are re-living each day?

While I’m at it, other things we know is the princess is here (and sick/injured or am I making that up?), there’s a sweet sweet crystal Whiro’s going to have a crises about and we have to stop the spell that’s effecting the island.

I found a conversation between Jampy and Go’in, that mentions only the Lord Eleoth can make the magic happen, but a vain cleric recently arrived with lots of promises about resurrecting the late lady Nora. So sounds like there’s some drama to overcome in the castle.

Anything else I missed?