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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


Whiro looks uncomfortable as he swallows the last of the strip of boar he cut off when Tamil starts speaking. “Purify? Oops… I’m sure it’ll be fine. Probably.”
Sitting down away from the meat, he continues “Well if we’re not staying the night here I guess I’m ready to continue when you all are.”


Ulthal nods at Whiro. “No sense chasing goblins around. Let’s get moving then.”


Go’in nods in agreement. He doesn’t want to spend more time here than necessary. He lets whatever he was looking at fall to the ground and stands up, ready to leave.


Resuming the bush whack through the forest, dusk begins to settle over the island. A blueish light glows ahead through the trees. It grows brighter as the party advances, until the trees fall away and before you is a shimmering dome!

It is mostly translucent and through the dome you can see the silhouette of a castle on a plateaued hill. Looking closely at the dome reveals cracks throughout its surface.

(Sorry I’ve been flaky lately, everyone! I’ve been doing home renovations, DMing D&D IRL, and then my son got sick. It’s been busy!)


Ulthal prods dome with his club.


The club makes contact with a solid thud. Although it looks like some form of glass, the sound is much heavier and more dull than tapping on glass.

When Ulthal’s club contacts the dome the symbol of earth on his hand briefly lights up.


Tamil spies the symbol glowing and says, “This is it guardians, I think you need to place your symbols onto the dome.”


Whiro nods in agreement and places his hand on the dome. “Hopefully it’s that simple!”

(Hope your son’s pulling through. Doesn’t sound like much fun.)


(Just strept throat, he’s much better today now that he’s got the proper drugs!)


When Whiro puts his hand on the dome his fire symbol lights up and his hand passes through the barrier. There’s a bit of resistance, but it’s like pushing through a cobweb.


“Neat! Quick Tamil, grab my hand. Let’s see if we can take guests.” Whiro holds out his other hand to Tamil.


Go’in inevstigates the spot on the dome as Whiro’s hand passes into it.

Investigation d20: 2+1

He also looks around to see if he can see any signs of Percival. He might have done useful information for them before they pass over the threshold.

Perception d20: 6+3


Go’in doesn’t learn anything more than what hisneyes can see. Whiro is able to push through the barrier and his hands marking is aglow.

Perceval is nowhere in sight.


Iris pushes through!
“Well this is something. More to add to the song.”


Tamil hesitates for a moment before taking Whiro’s hand and allowing himself to be pulled through.


Iris pushes through the barrier. When she makes contact with it her symbol glows and it feels like she’s walking through a bubble. After a moment she is on the other side.

Whiro has a similar sensation, but stops suddenly! Tamil’s hand collides with the barrier with a thud and the unexpected contact causes Whiro to let go of the Paladin. The barrier feels very solid to Tamil.


Whiro sighs as Tamil is stuck on the other side of the barrier. “Well this won’t do at all.”

Whiro tries manipulating the barrier to make a hole with his hands. First pushing them through as a circle, then tring to pull a small gap up from the base of the dome.


Think something like this, too see if the barrier forms in the gap inside the shape.



When Whiro tries to get a hold of the barrier his hands just pass through. There’s a little resistance, but it’s not something he can physically grasp.


Tamil smiles sadly, “It looks like this is where our journey branches. It’s been an honor adventuring with you all. I will wait here until you come back. Good luck!”


“Oh… No, that’s unacceptable.” Iris is distraught. “We certainly haven’t come all this way to leave you behind now. What if all the bearers of the elements are across the barrier, perhaps then it will fade. Or we can all try pulling Tamil across?” She puts out her hand.