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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


“Do you think that’s a good idea?”

Tamil didn’t notice any of the signs and so has nothing to go on other than what the others noticed.


Go’in’s interest is peaked. “I don’t think it would hurt to have a look. By the looks of this path, the creatures that use it are on the shorter side. And that’s coming from a dwarf.”

“Since we are off of the normal roads, if it is goblins, we can approach relatively unnoticed, I should think. I doubt anybody but these creatures use this path, so they won’t be expecting the five of us to be on it.”


Tamil relaxes a bit, “Sorry, I guess I’m just anxious to find out what caused the island to freeze its seasonal cycle. Just point me in the right direction and we’ll take a quick look.”


Iris’ stomach makes a thunderous rumble.
She looks around pretending to look for the source.
“No harm in checking it out if we’re careful!”


(Anyone that goes down the path can give me a stealth check)


Go’in stealth

d20: 4+2


Iris stealth:
d20: 3 +2?


oh deeear


Whiro follows the example set by the others “So a surprise approach would be best Go’in?”

d20: 8 +0 - Stealth


d20: 4 +2


Tamil Stealth d20: 3 - 1 - armor penalty?


The path is narrow and low as it cuts and winds through the trees and the party is too large to try and move silently for long.

Standing upright and moving forward branches are broken and snapped, a flurry of pheasants explode out of nearby foliage in fear, and Tamil manages to get wrapped up in a rudimentary wire trap of hanging bells. The commotion of the home made bells is enough to alert anything within a half mile of the party’s location.

When the group finds the end of the trail they’re not surprised at what they’ve found. An empty campsite has been evacuated. Ashes still glow in a circle of rocks, but someone has kicked the campfire out. A wild boar is skewered a spit over the remains of the cooking fire and three of its legs have been torn off.


Tamil smiles sheepishly, “Sorry everyone, I must have scared them off.”


“Oh well. At least there’s some boar left for the guests!” Says Whiro, helping himself to a slice off the skewer.


Go’in will look around to see if can figure out who might have been here.

Preception d20: 12+3


Go’in finds some tracks in the soft earth and assumes from their shape, size, and depth to belong to goblins. It’s harder to distinguish how many were in the group, but he thinks there to be at least 3 and more more than 6.


Ulthal uses his club to poke around the campsite to look for anything the goblins may have stolen.

d20: 12 -1


Iris looks carefully at the meat. Is it fully cooked?


Ulthal doesn’t find anything that looks stolen. The group that fled seems to have taken everything with them and as much of their meal as they could.

The roasted boar looks a little undercooked, but probably harmless to strong stomachs.


Knowing it was goblins before them, Tamil eyes the food suspiciously.

“If you give me the time, I can purify this in the off-chance they did something to it. I don’t think we should stay the night here though. I’d like to avoid goblins knowing our exact location if at all possible.”