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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


From Go’in’s explorations of the woods near the castle in his younger days he recalls the odd encounter with wildlife, but the biggest threat would be any goblins that remain in the forest.

Go’in also recalls that the castle is built on a rise at the center of the island, surrounded by a moat. The western forest lies outside this moat.


The ropes fall away from Tamil easily. The knots that Iris secured hold fast, but Dabin’s contribution to the bindings were mostly superficial.

A look of awe is on the boy’s face. “You’re SO strong!”


“Sounds like we’re settled then, through the woods we go. Should be an easy trip compared to what we’ve faced so far.”


“Well, we can set out once I’m free and can give Davin a proper goodbye,” Tamil says from the dirt.


“Right. I’d better book us space in the Inn then, cause that looks like it might take a while.” says Whiro with a smile.


Iris unties her knots and pats Dabin on the head. “He’s been saved by the mission. Looks like Tamil got lucky today, but we’ll get him next time.”
She stows the rope. “I’m ready to end this.”


Tamil has renewed respect for Iris as she stows the rope. He was sure he’d be able to escape.

Turning to Dabin, he kneels and claps the boy on the shoulder. “Keep your mother and sister safe while we’re gone. I’ll be back after we save the island alright?”


As soon as Dabin scampera off to his mother and sister, Go’in turns to the group. “Shall we?”

He pushes a branch out of the way and steps of the trail, into the woods.


Seeing Go’in take the lead, Ulthal will let everyone follow behind as he brings up the rear.


Whiro hesitates for a moment, looking up toward the castle, then back toward the village before steeling himself and following Go’in’s lead.


“After you Miss Iris, I don’t want to be strung up again,” Tamil says grinning as he prepares to take up the rear.


The western forest has a steady slope upwards as the group move toward the center of the island. The trees are further apart than in the Mistwoods and the feeling of being watched by dryad eyes is absent.

The sunlight angles through the branches as the day burns on.

(Everyone can give me a perception check!)


Whiro perception d20: 11 -3


d20: 19 -1


d20: 20


d20: 16+3


Tamil d20: 9 + 1


Iris, with her newly restored sight, notices the bent grass and broken twigs of a path that has seen repeated use. It crosses the party’s own trajectory and heads from north to south.

Go’in notes the path and that when it passes nearby trees, only the lower, small branches have broken off of trees.

Ulthal catches the faintest whiff of roasting meat. It comes from the south.


Ulthal stops trudging forward. He raises his head and sniffs the air. “Something smells good from that way there,” the goliath says nodding towards the south. “Should we stay focused? Or can we take a slight detour?”


Whiro looks up and shows the first sign of enthusiasm since the group left the inn. “A detour might be good. They might know something about the castle and it’s shield.”