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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


(Oh man, force of habit. You’re right, he wouldn’t)


Immediately embarrassed about the awkward silence in the group following the spontaneous laugh he just let out, Go’in gets slightly defensive and turns to quickly follow Whiro into the inn.

‘Where in the world did that come from?’ He thinks to himself, shaking his head a little as he sits down. His embarrassment is just as quickly forgotten as his meal appears. With all the excitment this morning around Iris’ vision, he hadn’t realized how hungry he was.


Whiro nods apprehensively. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. And I suppose we’ve got all the information we’ll need from here. One last warm meal before we head off? And we can ask directions to the castle while we eat.”

For all

I like to think Whiro walks past a signpost for the castle as he says this.


At the Golden Crest Inn, Caira is making the rounds and waiting on her guests. There’s a noticeable decrease in the volume of tourists from your last visit. She is serving a hearty stew and fresh buns when the party enters.

She shows the group to a table while shouting for Ayda to come help out, “I wasn’t expecting to see you all back so soon!” Caira says.

Ayda brings out bowls of stew. “Did you see the dryads?” She asks excitedly, nearly throwing stew in the air, but righting the bowl before things get messy.


After the meal, Go’in turns to his companions. “If you have business here, best to get it done. We should start on toward the castle before we loose the daylight. Let’s meet in the town centre when you’re ready.”

He throws on his pack and heads of the inn, anxious to get on the move.


“We did indeed Ayda. They we’re very impressive… and a little scary. We’re about to head up to the castle now, but we don’t know our way around it. Do you think you could draw us a map?” Whiro hungrily eats the hot food and then gets ready to leave, if a touch reluctantly.

(Sorry, I must have missed this reply. It’s been a hectic week.)


“I did see them!” Iris smiles at Ayda and winks. “They’re really not that scary unless you’re bad. The forest isn’t really dangerous anymore, so I hope that people will start going there again!”


“With their parents of course,” Tamil says with a knowing wink at Ayda, “where is your brother?”


Ayda grins at Iris, “Yeah, I think they’re nice. Maybe now that everything is back to normal I can get Mom and Dad to take me back to visit them!”

Turning to Whiro she answers, “I don’t think I could make a very good map, I don’t remember the castle very well, but I think Jampy used to work there. He might be able to help!”

Ayda frowns at Ulthal, “I don’t know! He’s supposed to be helping me with chores, but I think he’s hiding. He’s been looking for swords all morning! As if they’re something that are just laying around.”


“Thanks Ayda!”
If we pass by Jampy on the way out of town Whiro will ask him cautiously for a rough map of the castle, but won’t seek him out.


The party finishes and pays for their meal (1 silver each) and makes prepeaetions to leave. It’s early afternoon. On their way out of the village a rustling in the bushes betrays a presence! Knowing that stealth is no longer an option a small figure with a stick charges forth, screaming!

“Take that and that,” yells Dabin as he assaults Tamil’s armour. His twig forged weapon is held together with yarn.


Tamil yells in mock agony, “To have been bested by such a foe, may my name go into history as Tamil, slain by the valiant Dabin!”

He slumps the best he can in his armor to the ground and plays dead.


Iris rushes over and pulls out a rope. “He’s just pretending, Dabin, it’s a trick! Help me tie him up!”


“To the victors go the spoils!” Dabin yells and begins to pull at Tamil’s coin pouch.


Unable to loose the knot on the coin pouch, Dabin gives up and tries to help Iris tie up Tamil. His bindings are mostly coiling the rope around Tamil’s hands over and over.


(If you guys are proceeding to the castle you may want to consider which route you’d like to pursue. The road heads back to the south across the river and then back north to the castle. Or you could forge straight to it, forgoing roads.)


Whiro laughs at Tamil struggling with Dabins toy sword. Turning to Urthal and Go’in he asks “you two seem the most competent outside. Think we should follow the road up to the castle or try and sneak up out of sight?”


“The cover of the forest might give us an advantage as we approach.” The goliath furrows as he stares into the forest. “I’m not all that sure of what kind of dangers it may hold. Go’in, you seem familiar with the woods on this island, anything in there you think we can’t handle?”


Go’in nods as Ulthal speaks. “I agree. Approaching the castle undetected had its advantages. I think we should be able to handle anything we come across in the woods, if we travel with care.”

Go’in tries to recall anything about the woods and what might be in there.

Insight: d20: 15+3


Tamil cranes his head in their direction, “Are we expecting there to be any resistance at this point? Most of the enemies we came into contact with were empowered by their temporary immortality.”

He turns back to Dabin, “It’s good to see you, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to say goodbye before we left for the castle. Also, Iris, you are way to good at this.”

He struggles against his bonds in an attempt to free himself.

Str check d20: 17 + 4