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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


“Before we go Iris, can I talk to you for a moment alone?”


“Sure, Tamil, what’s on your mind?” Iris walks with Tamil to the other side of the cottage.


“I… Since taking my Oaths, I’ve been gifted an ability. With this, I can do miraculous things. I can cure diseases or poison. I can help a paralyzed person walk again or allow a deaf man hear his wife sing for the first time and…”

He looks directly at her.

“I can give you back your sight. If you want it.”


Iris is speechless for a moment. This is like a confirmation of her new resolve, and she wavers for a moment, and tears well up for a moment.
She blinks them back.
“I… I’d like to see, Tamil, please.”
She tears up again, but wipes her eyes.
“I’m ready.”


“The Father’s blessings make you whole.”

Tamil places his hands on either side of Iris’ head and for a moment his vision goes black as he takes her disability into him before the spell completes and he can see once more.

When he’s finished, the first thing Iris will see is a tear-streaked face of a very happy Tamil.


Iris cannot believe it. She never knew such powers existed. She feels a peace wash over her that she hasn’t known until now - there can be redemption. She pulls down her veil, until it’s around her neck.
“Tamil!” Her face lights up, and she hugs him and kisses him on the cheek. “Thank-you! And… Thank your god for me, too. I never imagined…” She looks around at the colour and life surrounding them, and squeezes Tamil tightly. “I never imagined I would see this again. I’m in your debt forever, Tamil. Whatever you need, whatever it is, just ask.”


“I couldn’t possibly ask for anything in return nor would I want it. You are my friend and I know if the situation was reversed you would do the same for me. As for thanking my god, you can thank him yourself with me during my prayer tomorrow but even if you don’t, your life has been touched by the light of Lathander. I hope it is filled with blessings like the one you experienced today.”

He returns the hug and wipes at his eyes.

“Well, we’d best return before the others get worried. Would you lead the way Iris?” he asks, grinning.


Iris laughs and leads the way. She’s a little bashful about joining the group, and doesn’t say anything directly about her restored vision.

“Shall we be off, Whiro, Ulthal, Go’in?” She looks at each with a smile. She’s seen them before, but always very close up. They look different from far away, and it’s a weird sensation.


Whiro stumples in surprise when Urthal pats his back. “Uh, yes! Just let me grab my bag. I’m looking forward to another cooked meal. These rations just aren’t the same.”

Whiro is just getting himself sorted for the walk back to town when Tamil and Iris head off behind the cottage. After looking at Urthal and Go’in he sighs, removes his pack and sits on it with a sigh. As Iris and Tamil return hes too busy talking about food to notice anything different. “Yes! Let’s go. I could use a warm fire after this fog.”


Tamil glances around the trees and says to Whiro, “Maybe we shouldn’t mention the F-word until we’re out of the forest…”


The party makes their way through the woods. The mist has now dispersed and on the path back the toll of Irvilfin’s spell is now visible. A dozen skeletons mark the end of would be adventurers who succumbed to the mist. Most are so old that the bones themselves have begun to decay.

A bit further up the path a crashing sound interrupts the groups progress. Out of the tree’s an owlbear charges, a shrill roar piercing the air. When the beast is about twenty paces away it suddenly begins floating in the air, it’s legs pedalling. Behind the beast stands the hulking dryad. Vines from his arms have wrapped around the Owlbear and lifted him off the ground. “BAD!” The dryad booms, chastising the beast, “NEW FRIENDS! DON’T EAT!”

The dryad carries the Owlbear off into the trees, lecturing it as if it were a naughty puppy.


“The longer we stay in here, the more I become certain to avoid forests in the future.”


“Tamil, I could not agree more. Hurry back to town and a toasty… warm… food… uh… pile?”


Iris is a lot more taken aback by the sudden owlbear appearance than she would have been, and actually lets out a little scream. Seeing has its drawbacks, but it’s good that the first jumpscare in a long time was a false alarm. Iris leads the way as soon as the town is in sight!


Getting on an international flight. My be spotty checking in over the week. Shuffle me along as needed!


The rest of the journey back to Kaprio is uneventful. When the party arrives back in town it’s nearing the noon hour. Many of the tourists and nobles have made good on their vows and have left the town to aide in the recovery of the island.


Whiro will quickly head towards the Inn in the hope of warm food and a fire.

“Shall we spend the night here before heading towards the castle?”


“I wonder if we should, there doesn’t seem too much point. I think we should get as far as we can today but we can stay if everyone else feels differently.”


“I agree with Tamil. We should get what we need and head out. Though, a warm meal is definately on my list before we go, lol.”


(I didn’t take Go’in as the kind of Dwarf that says “lol” :wink: )