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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


Tamil finishes his morning prayers and walks out into the forest. He looks for a tree which is taller than the surrounding forest and climbs it.

Athletics d20: 2 + 6


(Okay ._.)


Tamil grabs a branch to pull himself up, but the combined weight of his body and his armor cause it to snap and he falls down. On his next attempt he chooses a sturdier limb and hoists himself up.

(What are you looking for?)


Tamil removes his armor in the second attempt so that he can reach the higher branches. If he can make it above the canopy, he will look towards the middle of the island to see if the black dome is still in place over the castle.


Iris will play (with her lute), or play and sing (if it has words) the song from the book.


The dome is nearly opaque, but still stands. From this vantage point you can see the silhouette of a castle on a hill. Sunlight glints off a moat around the castle and two rivers can be seen winding down from the moat, separating Horrae’s seasonal sections.


(I’m assuming Tamil would probably noticed first in his tree climbing, but anyone who looks into the trees will see that the mist seems to have dispelled.)


(tamil clombs through mist, has horrible visions, falls)


When Iris plays the tune in the crisp morning air it’s sound travels far. The melody bounces off the trees and seems to reverberate back, building on itself. The tune changes with almost every bar on the sheet music, sometimes it evokes joy and in other moments sorrow. The speed of the song changes with it’s tone.

The volume of the song grows louder now from the trees. Stepping from the shadows of the woods, dryads circle Irvilfin’s clearing. They sing along with the melody, a wordless sound, like wind through branches.

When the song is over Morea, the red haired dryad, steps into the clearing. “Our thanks for the song.” she says, “It has been many years since Irvilfin’s music has led us in worship of Titania. We bless your journey new Guardians of Titania, travel through these woods in peace.”

Morea lifts up her arms and the dryads in the forest follow suit. Lightly glowing motes of green float from the dryads and float into the air. They dance on the breeze and as they come into contact with the party members in the clearing a feeling of light and energy reinvigorate each person.

When the motes first touch Whiro, they burn slightly, but the sensation passes quickly and he enjoys the same blessing.

(Everyone gains an inspiration! I’ve been re-reading the campaign and summarizing it on my phone and in the process have been blown away by how awesome this adventure has been and have made a note that I need to give out more inspiration for good role playing.)


Whiro will take the opportunity make a plea with the Dryad’s.
“Great Morea, I ask you to help me on my quest. As you know I am… touched by a great evil. Previous, your magic has lessened the link between myself and the presence. Is there any way you could help me to do this again in the future? It would be a great help when fighting for Titiana.”

Whiro thinks

Shut up shut up shutup shutup shutupshutupshutupSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP

(I’m thinking of when the Dryad’s told Whiro to run and the presence felt less. Whiro is well aware he’s grasping at straws here.)


(Apologies everyone! Thanksgiving weekend was busy for me and I’m also addicted to Spider-man right now! Back on schedule!)

Morea shakes her head, “I could overrule your will for a time, but you would not be in control and the evil inside may find an opportunity to take charge of you. I have no wish to bring it to the surface.”


Whiro nods “of course, I understand.” He says, disappointed. “Well team, shall we head back to town?”

(No worries! Hope it was a good weekend!)


Tamil returns to the group invigorated.

“We really did it, I could see the castle again!”

He looks at each of the them in turn with pride in their accomplishments. The guardians of the island are his friends, and together they can do anything.


“Sooooo… That’s it?” Ulthal asks. “Is the curse lifted?”


“I don’t think so, the dome is still around the castle so there’s still something going on there.”


"It seems like it is its own separate area. I imagine it’s still stuck in a loop, but perhaps we can get in now? Or with the crystal power?


Go’in closes his eyes as the music starts and he can feel the wind responding as it dances with the trees and and runs through the grass. The connection to nature the song extrudes, fills him with satisfaction. He hadn’t realized how much his thoughts-his connection-had stayed from his nature during the trials of this quest. As the music plays on, his connection to nature strengthens once more and breathes a prayer to the Ancients and allows the wind carry it away.

“The mother of all life sustains me and brings harmony and balance to my existence. The circle of life renews the earth and binds us together. Life does not end in death, but gives new life again. May the Ancients’ hands be a guiding for renewing the circle of life on this island and the rest of our journey.”

As the last of the notes fade, Go’in opens his eyes and enjoys the company of the dryads. He accepts the gift given by the dryads at the end of the song and lets the glowing motes embracw him. The experience touches Go’in deeply and he takes a moment after it’s over.

After a moment, he is ready to go. “Yes, let’s head back to the town. They will be happy to know the Mistwoods are again safe. And it seems our next destination is clear.” He grabs his gear and follows along with the rest back toward the town.


“Let’s get to it!”

Ulthal adjusts his gear and starts off. As he passes Whiro, he gives him a slap on the back.

Feel like a Strength Roll seems appropriate

d20: 13 +1



Iris is ready to go, in fact, those paying attention might notice that she seems more focused and less trivial. Almost like she’s become a little more mature.

“I hope that the townsfolk will be able to enjoy the shade here again, after so long. Perhaps we should leave them a copy of the song? Well, I could remember it if I played it for a while, and we could leave the original, actually.”


Ulthal’s back slap is enough to make Whiro take a step or two forward, but not stumble.