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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


Whiro and Ulthal strain as they try to pull their companions from the orb, but they don’t seem to budge.

When Go’in begins to whirl the air around the room, dust and loose sheafs of parchment are stirred up and fly about. Clapping his hands over the orb and pushing the air at his friends loosens their grip. They still seem attached to the orb, but as Go’in continues to blast them with air and Ulthal and Whiro renew their pulling they finally release and topple backwards!

Go’in is left holding the orb of swirling mist. It does not seem to affect him.


Iris and Tamil are released from their visions. Their memories return and they are back in the cabin.


Iris simply curls into a ball and sniffs as she tries to stop crying.


Unsure of, but thankful for, what Go’in was able to do he let’s go his hold of Tamil.

When Iris curls up he goes to her. Ulthal has little experience with consoling but never the less has the instinct to do so. He clumsily removes the light blanket from his bedroll and drapes it over her. He awkwardly pats her in the shoulder with his large hand.


Iris pulls the blanket close, and sniffs again. “Thankyou.” She says quietly to Ulthal.


“You’re welcome” he responds meekly. Hoping he did the right thing. The goliath takes a step back and looks at Tamil.


After it’s done, Go’in quickly wraps the orb in a cloth so that no one else accidentally touches it.
He then puts it into his pack. They can figure out what to do with it later.

He sees Ulthal hurry over to help Iris, so Go’in kneels down beside Tamil and places his hand under Tamil’s head as a cushion. Go’in tries to reassure Tamil, not know what exactly he saw, but knowing how the mist worked. “It was just a vision Tamil, designed to prey on your deepest fear. Everything is alright now.”


Seeing everyone is being comforted, Whiro will head outside and start a (small and manageable) fire to make a warm drink for everyone.

(He’d like to finish going through the papers on the desk before they leave. Or at least take them with him.)


Tamil shakes with adrenaline as he is ripped from the vision. The first one he sees as he collects himself is Iris and with a yelp of joy and relief, he throws his arms around her.

“You’re okay, you’re really okay!”

Tears flow freely down his face as he embraces her.


Iris smiles weakly at Tamil. “Yes… I’m okay.” She wipes her eyes, and tries to stand up.
“Just had a… bad dream. I’m sorry if I’ve worried you.”


Go’in joins Whiro by the fire outside.

“Best to stay here tonight, I imagine.” Go’in says, staring into the fire.


Whiro nods “I guess? See how the other two feel about staying the night here. They might want to get out and stay away for awhile. I’ll ask when I bring these drinks in.”

As Go’ins watching the fire, Whiro tries to create shapes in the flames, of the forest and village they just passed through.

“Say, what do you think happens if you use your wind powers on the fire? Urthal and I had a little luck working together with the lava, but it wasn’t easy.”


“I’ll be more careful about touching things in the future.” Iris is still woeful, but seeing the real friends around her is already making her feel better. Unfortunately some of the vision has made a lasting impression on her that is unlikely to fade.
“Tamil, are you okay? Did you touch it too?”


“It’s worth a try” agrees Go’in. He attempts to make a small cyclone rise up from the fire, drawing the flame, twisting up with it.

Air bending: d20: 12+5+2


Tamil squirms under Iris’ question hoping to shield her and the others from his vision, but he is mindful of his Oath.

“I did touch it, and when I did, the crystal exploded–in my vision–and killed all of you… I tried to save Go’in and Ulthal but they died as I struggled. It was… too terrible for words,” he trails off into his thoughts.


A small cyclone of flame rises up from the campfire. It grows a bit larger than Go’in anitipates as the swirling air feeds the flames, but from the edge of the clearing a large hunk of dirt crushes the cyclone and the campfire, sniffing them both out!

The hulking dryad from before stands at the edge of the trees. He holds another large piece of dirt. “You burn trees. I crush you!” He booms and points a vine-like finger at Go’in and Whiro before backing back into the tree line.


(When or if, Whiro takes a proper look at the scrolls and books…)

Whiro finds that every piece of parchment, every book has been disfigured, crossed out, or blotted in an effort to make them illegible. Only one book that was sitting in the center of the desk has escaped the vandalism.


“Uhh…” Go’in stutters as he watches the dryad disappear, “…at least it seemed to work…”

“Shall we take these drinks inside to the others?”


(After much trials, tribulations, and some potential PTSD, everyone will achieve level 3 after your next long rest! Woo! It’s not a big rush, but as you get around to it, please send me your updated sheets! PDF is the best format as I just stick them in my Dropbox for quick reference!)


don’t mind me… d10: 1 + 1