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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


Whiro suspects that the contact with the orb is the cause of what we is affecting his friends. He detects Abjuration and Illusion magic at work.


The goliath elbows Whiro. “Hey! Go’in’s come back. Maybe he has an idea.”


(What are Go’in’s wind powers???)


(I forgot cause so much has been happening!!!)

Go’in gains:

-Ability to call forth wind and manipulate it at will

-Resistance to air attacks

-Ability to lift yourself on air currents, or slow yourself when falling, equal to movement speed.

-Ability to create a small tornado in a 15 foot area. Targets must succeed on a DC 15 STR Check or be picked up and thrown for 3d6 damage.


Iris screams!

“Evelyn! Gods, no! No! NO!” She cries frantically, “It’s my fault, I’m so selfish, so selfish, gods damn me, I’ll never sing again, Evelyn, don’t die, Evelyn!”


Iris’s screaming Spurs Whiro into action. “Ok, let’s try get the orb off them. Just make sure you don’t touch the orb or I imagine you’ll end up like them.” Whiro will try to prise Iris’ fingers off the orb and wrap it in a rag.


(I’m just going to give Tamil a chance to respond to his dealio, before moving the narrative forward anymore! Please stand by!)


Go’in comes out of his trance with Titania and is interested in trying out his new powers, oblivious to what has been happening to Iris and Tamil. He raises is arms or infront of him, palms up, and the air in the cottage seems to draw in from all around. He whirls his hands around and pushes them out, palms forward, them draws them in toward himself and lets the fall to his side. He stands there with an impressive look, starting of into the distance as a gentle breeze blows past him, waving his hair and bread gracefully…INDOORS!

That’s when he finally looks to his friends and sees the the predicament Iris and Tamil are in and the worried looks on Ulthal and Whiro.

The breeze stops immediately. “What’s happened?!”


“They touched the orb Iris found and we think it’s a trap. Give us a hand to get it off them?” Whiro answers Go’in impatiently


“Okay, okay…” Go’in takes a moment to think. “Whiro, you hold onto Iris and Ulthal, you hold onto Tamil. I’ll try to get orb out of their grip.”


Go’in has a quick look at the orb, to see if he knows anything about it.

Insight roll d20: 2+3


Ulthal gives Go’in a nod. He take a position behind Tamil wraps is are securely around his chest, steadies his footing and waits…


Whiro nods, and gingerly holds Iris by the waist. “Much better plan. Just make sure you don’t touch the orb.”


As Whiro and Ulthal take up their positions, Tamil speaks. His voice is shaky, “H-Hold on Go’in, I’ve got you.”


Go’in doesn’t know much about the orb, but he does recognize what Tamil and Iris are going through. The swirling mist looks to be the same as the mist flowing through the woods.


Tamil is in anguish, “Oh god… Lathander… Father… why? Why?!”

(Ulthal and Whiro can give me STR checks and Go’in can let me know what he’s going to do.)


Ulthal Strength Check
d20: 5 +1


With Whiro and Ulthal in their place, Go’in stands between Tamil and Iris, right in front of the orb. The anguish and suffering coming from then is very familiar to him, both from his experience and watching the hunter surveying through it. He is desperate to seperate them from that suffering, and that makes him shakey and slightly paniced. But he knows he needs to do it and he is certain Irvilfin spoke true when he said the mist no longer had an effect on him.

Go’in whirls his hands above his head and air abive them all swirls like angry storm.

“Get ready!” Go’in yells to the Whiro and Ulthal. While the air continues to cavitate above them, he places one hand an short distance above the orb and the other, just below. He closes his eyes and whispers, “By your grace, Titania.” And he brings hoods hands together, clapping them around the orb. As he does this, a column of air shoots down from the turbulence directly above the orb. It teaches the orb, just as his hands do, and divides into two streams. One directed at Tamil and the other at Iris. He grasps the orb tight, trying to keep it in place as the wind columns force guys friends back and Tamil and Iris to release their grips on the object.

Air bending: d20: 2+5+2


(Autocorrect on my phone was not kind to me on that one, lol. Hopefully, it all makes sense)


Whiro Str Check:

d20: 8 -1