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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


Iris gets handsy on this orb


(Does Iris wear gloves?)


Go’in is appreciates the support and encouragement from his friends. He reaches out, tentatively, toward the crystal and takes hold of it.


When Go’in grasps the Crystal the familiar shockwave follows as it shatters!

The cottage and his allies disappear and Go’in is alone in the clearing with a Faerie. The season has changed from fall to late spring and flowers are in full bloom. The clearing is full of animals and birdsong.

“You’ve done it!” Titania cheers, clapping her hands as she flies through the air! “And to think a Dwarf would be the new Guardian of Air! I shouldn’t stereotype, but I always thought your people as more of the Earth type! Anywho, might as well make it official!”

Titania flies toward Go’in and takes his hand. A tingling sensation fills the back of his hand and the symbol of air appears in black!

“Go’in you are now the Guardian of Air! The winds are ever changing and you must be able to move as they do! Adapting to new circumstances and never to attached to any one place, thing, or person. Air continue to cycle of life! It refreshes, cleanses, and… Oh! Did you see that! Those two squirrels are just going at each other over that acorn!”

A loud chittering interrupts as the two critters brawl and chase each other through the trees.

“Uhhh. Where was I?” Titania asks trying to reel her attention back in “Oh yes! You’re all set! Any questions before I send you back to your companions?”


For Iris (assuming a lack of gloves):


Iris is back on stage.

The memories of the past week are gone! Her party members have never existed and she has never heard of Horrae Island.

Iris stands alone with only her instrument between her and the dark mass of the crowd. This is her element, however, and she is ready to begin. Shoving any butterflies down and fighting the stage fright she strikes a chord.

A horrible jangle echoes out over the audience. She’s played the wrong note.

A few heckles and catcalls ring out.


When Iris grabs the Orb in her hands her body freezes and she ceases to move. Only her breathing indicates that she’s still alive!


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“Iris don’t!” Tamil yells but it is too late.

Both Go’in and she are motionless and he runs over to her unsure of what to do. It lasts only a moment as he places his hand over hers before lacing his fingers between hers so that he too touches the orb.


(Iris does not wear gloves! PM inbound!)


When Tamil grabs the orb…


… he feels it heat up in his hands. It vibrates violently and Tamil can feel his eyes begin to glow. The orb is having a reaction to him and tries to escape, but it’s sealed to Iris’ fingers and his own. The heat grows until it’s burning Tamil’s hands! In a white flash it explodes!

Tamil’s hand are bloodied.

His ears ring.

His eyes slowly adjust.

He wishes he was blind.

The force of the explosion has gone out from his hands. Only the cabin wall directly behind him still stands! The rest of the building is obliterated into debris, Further out the grass is flattened and even a few trees have been felled.

Iris lies before him, a mess of blood. Glass shrapnel from the orb has cut her to ribbons and she breathes no longer.

Whiro’s body is tangled around a broken desk at horrid angles.

Go’in’s neck and face are embedded with glass and gurgles as he chokes on his blood.

Further out, impaled, on a tree branch, Ulthal is breathing rapidly and trying to weakly push himself off the splintered wood that’s emerged through his abdomen.


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When Tamil touches the orb he joins Iris in a rigid trance.


Iris mumbles to something unseen, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

“Evelyn, why…” Tears roll down Iris’s face.

“Druje, please, please don’t hurt her. Please, she’s done nothing.” Her face contorts with emotional pain.

“Take me! Please, don’t hurt her! I’ll do anything!”


Go’in is busy inspecting his the symbol on his hand, turning it over and flexing his fingers, while Titania speaks. He looks up at the end and realization spreads on his face. He immediately drops to one knee and bows his head in respect.

“Your gift to the land I grow up in was beyond compare. The stories I learned growing up shaped my love of nature and help guide me on my path to who I am today. I know Eli’s pledge to you brought peace to the lands for a time and rid the lands of the evil one long ago. It is time for another son of Horrae to make another pledge. I pledge that I will journey to the castle of Eli and release your crystal from whatever grip of evil has befallen it. I will use this power to maintain the natural order and ensure the cycle of life is preserved. The natural order of the crystals, the changing of the 4 seasons and the rule of nature must be restored. I was called back here by the Ancients, but it is your gift to this land and your order to restore. Therefore, my question for you is; will you accept my pledge as one of the new Guardians of the elements?”


Whiro is watching Go’in when Tamil cries out. “Is that your new catch phrase Tamil? … Tamil?.. Ohh dear.” He’ll carefully approach the pair and inspect the orb as best he can.
d20: 12 + 3 Arcana


“Whiro,” Ulthal says cautiously, staring at the others. “What is going on?”


“I’m not sure.” But Whiro is more than happy to voice his thoughts, “I think Iris found a fake air crystal. Put in the obvious place to look, and overly impressive. And we know this guardian preferred traps like the fog in the forest, and the animated rug. I’m guessing this is another one. Something for the foolhardy to blunder into.” Whiro pauses and looks around the room “although I guess the stout-hearted might occasionally be fooled as well?” He finishes weakly.


Ulthal nudges Iris and Tamil gently with the end of is great club. “Should we do something or will they come around? I’m a bit afraid to touch them.”


“Seeing as they’re both breathing, I think we should leave them for the moment. If they don’t come around soon then May we could try separating them from the orb.”
(Whiro will use detect magic. Because I just remembered he can do that.)


“Stand tall, Go’in,” Titania says, “I have already accepted you as Guardian and I accept your pledge!”

With that the vision snaps away. And Go’in is back in the cabin. He comes to when Whiro and Ulthal are discussing what to do next.