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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


Seeing the rug burn up, Whiro will attempt to capture some of the fire and engulf the sword attacking him and Tamil.
Firebending d20: 20 + 2 + 3 (proficiency and spellcasting attribute respectively. Is that right?)


Whiro takes hold of the flames and pulls them over to the sword. Waving his hands in large circles and bringing them in smaller and smaller he guides the flames around the sword and condenses the flames.

As the ball of fire gets small around the sword, the heat intensifies. The blade begins it glow brighter and brighter until it’s red hot! Whiro holds his hands close to one another as if trying to crush an invisible ball. The metal of the blade begins to melt and drip rapidly, as if it were nothing more than a candle.

With a final push, Whiro forces his hands together. The flame burns white hot for an instant before disappearing in a loud “Whump!”. A bladeless hilt clatters to the ground and splashed into a molten puddle that smoulders on the wooden floor.


Whiros eyes glow red as the sword melts to the ground (+5 temp hp)


Watching Ulthal and Whiro make short work of their enemies was inspiring to watch, and when the light dies down is when he notices the Go’in bear fighting the last sword.

He dodges around the puddle to flank and strikes out at it.

Sword attack d20: 17 + 6 + 1
Damage d8: 3 + 4 + 1


Ulthal connects, and the cracked blade of the Flying Sword shatters! The remains on the sword fall to the ground and the cabin is still once more.

(Combat is over!)


(I think that was Tamil who made the final hit. Credit were credit is due, eh? Lol)

Go’in changes back to his form and the blue light fades slowly from the antlers around his head. He sits down on the bed behind him and takes a second to recover from all the excitement.


“Well, that sucked,” Tamil sheathes his sword, “is anybody seriously hurt? I have a little bit of magic left.”


“I’m alright. Just a bit of fuzz from the rug was the worst of it for me. Not sure about Whiro though.” Ulthal looks to the tiefling.


“I am good” Go’in replies. Then adds, “but i can whip up a tonic, if anybody needs one, eh Iris?” A smile spreads across his face as he looks over to see Iris’ reaction.


Whiro sighs and sits down away from the pool of his blood in the middle of the floor. “I’m ok now, thanks to Tamil.” As he says this he nods his thanks to Tamil. “Very nearly wasn’t though. And I’ll need new robes at some point…” He says gesturing at the gaping cut and fresh looking scar underneath. As he does so the blood stains slowly clean themselves. (Prestidigitation)


Iris sticks out her tongue in Go’in’s general direction, but she’s stifling a smile.

“That was very uncomfortable. I don’t know why, but I thought that we’d already overcome the wizard’s trial by getting through the fog. Still getting used to this ‘adventuring thing’, I guess.
Let’s find this crystal!”
She begins searching around again!
Perception take 20?


With the search resumed, Go’in stands up and looks back under the mattress to see if the Wizard still kept it there after all these years.


Looking through her nearby surroundings Iris finds a chest. The lid of the chest is knocked ajar by the rugs attacks. Upon opening she discovers the chest has a velvet lined pedestal inside of it. Upon the pedestal sits an orb. The orb is translucent and inside swirls a cloudy mist.


Iris holds up the chest, unwilling to touch the orb.
“Is this it?” She asks.


When Go’in lifts up the mattress, yellow straw rains down on the bed frame. A few mice are revealed and the scamper back into holes in the mattress.

On the bed frame sits a thin, dog eared book. The title on the cover reads “The passion of the Barmaiden: Vol II”. Also sitting on the bed frame is a light blue crystal.


Go’in looks around quickly to see if anyone is watching. He is going to have to do this quick before anyone notices. His palms get clammy and sweat forms on his brow. This is his chance.

He reaches down and grabs the book, quickly placing it into his pack just a Iris lifts the chest up, calling everyone’s attention. Nervous, he checks over his shoulder again to make sure no one saw.

Stealth roll (just for fun): d20: 20+2

He clears his throat. “Ahem, I…uh…I think I might have found it.”


Tamil is oblivious with his +1 wisdom.

“Iris don’t you dare touch that crystal, it looks like Go’in has it over here. We’ll investigate that one next.”

Tamil takes a look at the crystal without touching it.

“Light blue? I was expecting a different color. Well, you completed the challenge of the mist, met the guardian of the crystal, and found it. I think Go’in should take the power of the wind.”


(LOL I was not expecting that from Go’in)


“Sounds like you’re the new guardian of the wind, Go’in!” Iris is quite pleased. “I’m glad we made it.”
She looks the orb over carefully.
d20: 1 +1


After seeing the crystal Go’in found Iris is confident that it’s the actual elemental crystal and her discovery is something else.

While certainly magical, it appears safe to handle. And, more importantly, it looks valuable!