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Chapter 1: Two Tieflings and a Goliath walk into a boat... [PBF] D&D 5E


Ulthal DEX Save:

d20: 11 +2


Ulthal is just able to push the rug off of his legs. When he swings his great club at the shield it connects and drives it to the ground. The shield does not rise.


Flying sword 1 strikes at Go’in. It believes in itself!

To hit: d20: 8 +3
Damage: d8: 7 +1

Flying sword 2 lashes out at Ulthal in response to his meddling healing!

To hit: d20: 6 +3
Damage: d8: 2 +1

The discouraged rug chooses a new target and attempts to wrap up Iris, beside Ulthal.

To hit: d20: 1 +5


The swords clang uselessly against armor despite their belief that this time they’ll do better.

The mindless rug leaps at Iris, but misses and wraps itself around a wooden box. It crushes the box into splinters in an impressive, albeit useless, display.


(I assume that targeted Tamil and not Ulthal or else I’m going to take a reaction again)


Whiro considers setting the hut on fire, but settles on standing up and frostbite-ing the nearest sword. Again.
Con save vs DC 13. Rolling for sword d20: 19
If failed, d6: 2 and disadvantage on next attack.


(There are adults in the room? Where?)


(Yep. That one was at Tamil. There’s one sword within 5 feet of both Tamil and Whiro. And then there’s a useless sword that can’t hit Go’in and vice versa. And a rug that tried to hug Iris and failed. Everyone in this hut is good at diiiiice!)


(Omg I didn’t know it was my turn)

Attack on sword 2 d20: 7 + 6 + 1

Damage d8: 4 + 4 + 1


The sword is unstoppable and deflects the blow!


The frustration with how the flying sword is dancing around in the air, avoiding his attacks, is showing on Go’in’s face. Since they currently seem evenly matched, he realizes the best strategy is to overwhelm the sword with both size and brute force. In an instant, where Go’in was standing is now a towering brown bear (bonus action). It lets out a massive roar directed at the sword, which reverberates inside the small cottage, rattling the bottles of potions. It lunges suddenly at the sword, swinging its massive claws and snapping at it with its razor shape teeth.

Multiattack. The bear makes two attacks: one with its bite, the other with its claws.

Bite attack roll: d20: 13+5
Damage: d8: 6+4

Claw attack: d20: 1+5
Damage: 2d6: 6 + 3 = 9+4

(This had better work, lol)


Bear-Go’in’s bite cracks the sword’s blade! When he releases it, the sword moves more erratically. Bear-Go’in misjudges the distance on his swing and instead of catching the sword with his claws he cuts himself on the blade with his paw!

Damage for poor Teddy-Go’in: d4: 2


(I believe it’s Bear’in)
Iris twin attacks the rug!
d20: 7 +3
d20: 16 +3

d6: 3 +1
d6: 3


Nope. A victim of her eyesight, yet again, Iris misses with her blades.


That’s one tricky rug! A nineteen isn’t enough?? Iris is gonna need some help.


(Oh my goodness! I interpreted that wrong! 19 hits for sure! I’m just going to leave my mistake up there and retcon.)

Iris first slash misses, but the second strikes the rug tearing another hole in it. The rug is shredded now and waves it’s stripped material like tentacles.


Ulthal will winds up and throw a ball of fire at the tattered rug.

d20: 17 +5

d10: 6


The rug, the very dry rug, ignites and burns up! Only floating pieces of ash remain.


Flying Sword 1 cuts at the newly transformed bear in front of it.

To hit: d20: 18 +3
Damage: d8: 1 +1

Flying Sword 2 tries, once again, to find a chink in Tamil’s armour.

To hit: d20: 2 +3
Damage: d8: 3 +1


Flying Sword 1 lands some light blows on the bear. Sword 2 creates some sparks off of Tamil’s armour!