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Can't remember the game title from a podcast that I can't remember the episode from


Greetings all from Canton, Michigan

I need help trying to remember the title of a game. I was listening to one of the podcasts in my car (so I couldn’t write anything down…safety first everyone) and the review was about a party game. The gist was you start with a word like “Gross”. Then you have this scale from 1-100 with 1 being the least gross thing you can think off and 100 being the most. Then you are secretly given a number between 1-100, and you have to come up with something that other people would “rank” as that number. So if I had “32”, I might say “reaching down into a clogged sink a day after a dinner party where nobody liked their soup and everyone threw it away so you have this standing pool of food bits.” The rest of the players try to guess what number you have.

Does this ring any bells?


I think it was Podcast 87, and the game is Wavelength (which is yet to be released I believe).

(I remember the discussion about Star Wars and the balance of fantasy/sci-fi)


@ Scribbs

Yes! Thank you.


Looks like the Kickstarter just started.


Yuppers! Think i’ll get in on this one.