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Can we have a official inofficial CoolGhosts Destiny 2 clan again?



Topic says it all.

I have not used the Clan features in Destiny 1 much (because there were none) but it looks like we get something in D2 that … does something instead of nothing.

I think it would be nice to have a CoolGhosts clan again.


It would indeed be nice! Last time I think Matt made the clan. I have no idea if he intends to get into Destiny 2, but if he does he may well be inclined to make another one. If not we could probably arrange an unofficial one, as you say.


I am totally in for this. I’m a PC player…if I just started a clan would people jump on board?

I went ahead and did it. PC, AU. Destiny 2 clan for Aussies with adult lives!