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Can’t tell if I like a game, or just want to like it


Got Chronicles of Crime recently, and against my better judgement went the whole hog. I’ve played a few times, and I’ve got the same feelings I had with Mansions of Madness, that nobody at the table is really enjoying it, just going through the motions whilst I overcompensate enthusiasm (and the app getting in the way). However, after people claim they enjoyed it, and I keep on thinking it might flow more easily with a different group, and planning who else I can get to play it.

Anybody else keep on trying with a game they’ve shelled out a good amount of money on- ever come good in the end?


I don’t know, but I do see this kind of zealous determination to talk up games that people have invested in quite a lot, especially on BGG.

If anything, I’m guilty of perhaps over-zealously dismissing games I have decided not to buy into.

It all comes from the same place though - we like to feel our decisions are the correct ones, and go to irrational lengths to make sure we keep that feeling.


If a game isn’t fun I don’t generally keep at it. It depends on why it isn’t fun–a lot can change as you learn the landscape of a game but it has to have something else going for it for that to be worthwhile for me.

But there are always people interested in trying a game or buying it used or I can give it away. There are plenty of games I enjoy or find interesting right from the start so I try not to over-invest. I’m not immune to investment bias, by any means, but I do try to think of it the other way around–I already shelled out the money. It’s only getting more expensive if I also shell out my time, so it better be worth it. :smiley:

The trouble for me is when I want to like the game not because of hype or because I bought it but because of some subset of the experiences the game provides. There’s this one mechanic or this one feeling or this one bit of narrative that worms its way into my psyche and I just want to enjoy that without everything else getting in the way … and sometimes that’s just not going to happen. That’s when I tend to spend too much time with something be it board game, video game, book, TV show, whatever. Though it tends to happen least with board games as they require other people to be right there with me.