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Can I Please Touch Your Bits? (Components)


Get your minds out of the gutter!

This is about game components, all the bits you find particularly pleasing in a tactile (or otherwise aesthetic) way: nice boards, sturdy cards, minis, dice, sand timers, whatever.

Things that are pleasing just to have, that happen to have come with a game.


I will kick this off with the D&D series of tile-laying board games. They are all fairly big boxes, because they come with a whole bunch of really nice minis. Even if you’re not interested in the game itself, you can collect a lot of high quality minis for less than buying each individually.

I also like the Catacombs series for all the chunky wooden pieces, and the traditional cheap Carrom sets.


I really like the extra fat cards in Charterstone… They’re so chunky! It’s so that they can put stickers on them, but even the non-sticker cards are super thick!

[PBF] Luxor - Forgotten Treasures

I wish they used that in more games that involve cards!


I am amusingly pleased with the marbles in Gizmos. They’re fun to play with while you’re waiting for your turn.


How about games for which chunky components are their reason for existing in the first place?

Low hanging fruit (geddit?)
My First Orchard - primary color really chunky fruit

Here Fishy Fishy - primary color really chunky sealife, with surprisingly strong magnets for the fishing pole

As for games that just happen to have nice components…

uh, I guess the Galaxy Trucker ship boards are pleasingly sturdy? Along with the dinky astronauts and tasty looking batteries it’s all quite satisfying.


Steam Park. It’s not a great game, but it’s dammed good enough, and the thingies are fantastic.

Ghost Stories, great co-op, really nice bits. The tiles are great, the figures are great. The bad-guy figures still haunt my dreams (I should take it off my shelf and put in my closet).


A Feast for Odin. First Player Moose.
Completely unnecessary, completely awesome.

I know its kinda half the point of the game but the minis and Nemesis.
Awaken Realms really when all out on these. They are Games Workshop level or better. Seriously impressive sculpts.
What also helps is the game is good, so it’s not just a future painting project for me.


I love the territory tiles in Inis. The odd shape of them just delights me.

And speaking of tiles, the tiles from Azul feel great in your hand and make a wonderful clacking sound when you mix them in the bag. They remind my wife and me of Starburst candy.


Oh, Hive is great for chunky bits.

… and Dominion became about 3.14 times as good when I remade it using wooden discs instead of cards. Discs clattering about in a roomy bag feels great.


The new translucent ships in cosmic encounter <3


Didn’t this topic come up a couple of years ago?

(quick pause for a forum search)

Ooh yes, so it did!

I think my answer is still the same as it was back then: the board in Venezia 2099.


Pictures are good - we might not be able to touch your bits but it’s nice to see them!


My vote still goes to the airship from Celestia. And I’ve just ordered the new expansion, so I’ll soon have a mini airship too :smiley:


The chips in Splendour make me very happy as do the cauldrons in Quacks, the little legionary meeples in Pandemic - Fall of Rome and pretty much everything in Mysterium.


The miniatures in Stuffed Fables charmed me enough that I got out a paintbox for the first time and painted them.


Don’t forget the big size cards!


The plane in Forbidden Desert. The pyramid in Camel Up. The mechs in Scythe


The visual and tactile enjoyment when playing Azul.
The coins and realistic resources in Scythe (the Mechs and Hero minis are also fine but nothing beats throwing a couple of miniature metal bars across the table (not onto the game board, they tend to punctuate the cardboard!).
The overall design of Champions of Midgard (even without the deluxe wooden components).


War Chest has surprisingly robust velveteen bags that get nicely worked in over time. Rummaging through the heavy clay chips is one of my favourite touchy-feelies in gaming.

Catacombs gets another nod from me, especially the room obstacles, which are delightful to collect and slap down between rooms, clack-clack-clack!

Root has all those wonderful meeples… those slippery, slippery meeples. This game sucks for component quality IMO, but man are those two big, chunky dodecahedrons nice to roll.

Container is a new one for me, and honestly I don’t value the resin ships or overall size of the damn thing, but it’s impossible to deny how good those containers feel. Any time I need to grab one or two I make sure to roll em around in my hand a bit before placing them back down.

Hive is the champion. Bakelite wins.