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Burying the forum

OK so it’s been a while since I’ve been here and there’s probably a rational explanation for this but…

…why has the forum been quietly dropped from the shutupandsitdown.com front page?

(OK, yes I know it’s still there under “SHUX”, but it only points to the SHUX subset of the forum, not exactly a direct link.)

Not exactly helpful for someone returning after a period of absence, who’d forgotten what the URL for the forum was!


I thought the same thing but there’s actually a chat bubble icon that’ll take you here. I made the rather outlandish assumption that after SHUX 19 concludes, they’ll probably re-arrange the navigation menu. And I certainly understand, since likely a large portion of the traffic to the site at the moment is to find SHUX info.

[EDIT] Also, I was hoping there would be a “burying the lede” joke in here…


I’ve also noticed that my user Icon and the Home link in the bar overlap…

Probably just from them making changes to the links?

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Mine has done that forever. I always assumed it was a Chrome thing. But … I just tested on IE and it does it there too.

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Any comment as to why they’re burying it? I only found this forum by googleing “shut up and sit down forum”

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It has been buried a bit, which I would say is a mistake if you’ve created an excellent community like this one.

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It was brought to the SU&SD crew’s attention in the discussion section of this games news. @RossM brought it up to them and Quinns responded saying they are going to discuss in a meeting how to fix it. It is a ways down the ladder. It appears to have been an accident they intend on fixing.

My guess is they are a little busy planning a big party and after the dust settles, it will be fixed. If I have a chance I will even ask someone about it when I am at SHUX.


@UllinBethalto is correct, it’s being addressed, as well as other formatting issues (check out the Bug Reports topic, although that thread is mostly one-way, I admit, because most of the “bugs” are caused by browser cache issues on the user end. Not all of them! But most of them, and we fix those that aren’t. It’s still an important thread, please post there if you have an issue).

It’s not as high-priority as SHUX right now, which is, you gotta admit, pretty high priority, or as important as new content. But the lads and lasses are aware of the formatting issues, it seems like an easy fix (until you actually try to fix it, then everything suddenly explodes), but for now it’s low priority. It’ll get done, but probably not until after SHUX and some updates.


I am guessing it is the same with the lack of Twitch live plays, I really, really miss those (yes really), I figured they just didn’t do them anymore. But then I read here that they will resume Twitch live streams after SHUX.

BTW, I do wonder: are these forums “official” ? As in created and paid for by SU&SD? Or were they created by fans and then adopted by them? I do notice they don’t seem to post (or have an account) themselves here.

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Pretty sure they’re official. They used to be open to only open to donors, but then they started letting the riff-raff everyone else in too.

And the guys do have accounts: Quinns is @quinns, Matt is @mattlees (though his profile appears to be set to private). Don’t know about anyone else off the top of my head (I know Paul once talked about lurking in the selfie thread on a podcast).

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From my understanding, (I cannot recall if is was in: a podcast, a discussion section, or a conversation I had with one of them at SHUX) they kinda let the Forums run itself. They will pop in from time to time and look around, but they do not look here everyday because they are busy doing behind the scenes stuff like playing boardgames and working on reviews (scripting, filming, and writing).

This is run and paid for by the SU&SD website (as it was part of the goals list of the 1st Gold Drive way back when along with Quinns falling into a canal), but it was created mainly for the fans of the show rather than a place for the SU&SD team to police and dwell in. In the beginning, they commented occasionally on posts; but as the site grew, the focus I figure shifted to higher quality videos and reviews as engaging in forum conversations can consume as much, if not more time, as emails.

Here is a history of the Forums:

Being around for so long you remember all of these things. It is a curse us ‘old salts’ must bear…

(The above information could be entirely wrong!)


Thanks for the information, it is nice to get a better understanding on how it all started.

And @michaelg sorry for hijacking your topic. I always hate it when people do that.

So back on track: I also couldn’t find the forums anymore and only found out the speech bubbles actually lead to this dark dungeon we call forums after reading this topic.

Good to know they will return to a hopefully more glorious place on the site.

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They are the official foums.

@bruitist had it right, it used to be behind a paywall (for a very short time, mind you), and you have to be a member.

@UllinBethalto also is correct: It was planned and organized by the lads and lassies, and in the years since it opened, as slow but as inevitable as a glacier, the inmates kind of took over the asylum.

@michaelg I’ve been personally doing what I can on my end but I don’t have some options that would make it ideal. There’s a link in the pulldown menu for SHUX…yeah, much less than ideal.


I am hoping that one day they will bring back the Twitch streams? I understand it is a hassle to setup, but I really, really miss them.


Put it in the Youtube and the disqus comments section on the main site, as well as here. Everyone reads these, but the squeaky-wheel etc…

I know the lads and lasses had fun doing those, maybe it would take a fan’s comments to remind them.

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Matt commented recently that they were looking at an alternative that didn’t involve taking over Quinns’ flat.


Ah, good point, will do (even though I am always quite hesistant to post these kind of “questions” all over the internet… out of fear of being misappropriated as someone who ‘demands’ twitch streams, where they probably have their reasons for not doing so lately…but I’ll choose my wording carefully)

Yes, they mentioned it multiple times during their streams. Matt literally said that is was such a hassle to get everything setup for one session and then having to break it down again.

We might need to sponsor them a nice little recording studio in London to make these “SU&SD plays…” On the other hand: that would remove some of the charm and recognizability of them actually playing a game at home, like we all do (without a bunch of cameras in our face…)


Nudged SU&SD about this before Christmas, just got a lovely reply from Matt.

Hey Ross!

Thanks for reaching out and apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I’m still catching up after our holiday break!

It should be up there under SHUX in the navigation and the icon is there as well, so now it’s visible in two places! And it’s listed in every YouTube video! Our site is still a bit wonky and we’re still working on it, that’s for sure!

I’ve sent a quick email back explaining how the forum isn’t part of SHUX and shouldn’t be in the sub menu (And some other issues with why the links used are pointing to the wrong places.)

Will keep you posted.


Thanks for following up on this, Ross. Really appreciated.