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Building Kits: Lego, models, 3dPuzzles, etc


This is a small collection of my youngest’s minis. This is not all of them, these are just the ones he brought over from his mom’s house. You may notice that the vast majority of them are OC (Original Characters):

Below, these are our larger ones (actually, Kylo’s shuttle is mine alone: because of a misunderstanding of the inventory at LEGOLAND, I didn’t get Poe’s X-Wing. After building both, though, I have to admit, the shuttle was a more satisfying build, but they’re both AWESOME and very clever, and I’m happy my boy gets the good guy’s ship. In retrospect, it couldn’t have gone any other way, if he can play as the Rebellion, I’ll accept the burden of being the New Order. As much as I always want to play the good guys, I’ll be the bad-guys to give him the chance. Often, though, we both end up both being on the good-guys team.)
(Except for the shuttle, the rest are ones I “helped” him with. He’s got a good eye for a 7-year-old building things that are meant for 8-14. Well, until he gets bored and just starts building things from pieces we haven’t used yet, which is part of what it’s all about).

We still have another big Ninjago mech to build, and the “little” blue robot in the bottom corner has a light-up right arm, and is part of a 3-in-1 set.

I have to admit, I was never really sold on the Ninjago franchise, even back when it was introduced and I was selling these things, but they have been pretty nice builds so far, the dragon was a lot of fun, and looking foreword to making the bad-guy foil to the good-guy mech we’ve made.


It’s so weird, when doing larger sets, to see things just emerge from parts you’d not normally use for what they’re normally used for.

It’s a little hard to see, but the dragon has horns that are normally used for the “croissant” mold.

I dislike the highly-specialized pieces (again, using the dragon as an example, those “flares” on its wing-like appendages), but the people they have designing the architecture of most of these sets are fantastic designers. The wings of that shuttle are way more complex than they look, and about 90% of all of that are fairly standard pieces.


I am reminded of Mobile Frame Zero, where players build their own mechs or spaceships out of Lego then play a miniatures game with them.


YES! Thanks! I was hoping someone would bring up MFZ!

I kept on forgetting, myself, when I was actually in front of the computer. I would be doing something else, and thought, “oh, I should bring that up in the forum,” but by the time I sat down, I totally spaced.

This was something we used to talk about at length in the comments before there was a forum, I believe. The main issue was whether the cost of LEGO was more prohibitively expensive than the cost of minis. I think it’s pretty obvious which side of that argument I landed on. Lego kits and parts aren’t cheap, but neither are minis, and what you can do with them is endless.

MFZ really took that concept and made it work, brick by brick.


I gave all my old Lego away when we moved interstate a few years ago. I had (at the time) all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sets, as well as a big (5000+ piece) Millennium Falcon. The Falcon went to somebody who would appreciate it, and the TMNT sets went to a friend with two young children.

After the move I grabbed all of the first season of Lego Dimensions sets, which was a fun enough diversion, but didn’t really scratch the bullding itch.

However, I do have a birthday coming up, and I have an inkling that I might have Lego Voltron in my immediate future. I’m looking forward to building again.


You had the BIG Falcon!!!?!?! OMG, that’s one of the things that I have on my “if I ever get terminal cancer I’ll guilt my friends and family to buy me this before I die” list (along with the Disney Castle Lego and the gargantuan Perplexus maze).

I’ve been eyeballing the Voltron as well, but I promised we have to get through the boxes we have, first, and to build a dice tower or two from the old bits, first. If you do get the Voltron, post pictures. When I build the dice tower(s), I promise to post it here.


That big Falcon was a hell of a thing. Took me about two weeks to build in my spare time. It was a 30th birthday present, so it was eleven years ago now. I find that for me the joy of Lego is in the building more than in the having so I wasn’t too heartbroken to part with it.

If Voltron is indeed incoming I’ll make sure to share some pics here.


I am so jealous you had that Falcon! I think I was a poor high school or college student when it came out and there was no way I could afford it. Now I am a poor homeowner with a board game purchasing problem, so I wouldn’t be able to afford it if it was available again anyway.


re: models, Theo Jansen is a Dutch artist who made kinetic sculptures called strandbeests (Dutch for “beach animals”) that walked, powered by wind. He also sells model kits:

I remembered them when I was cleaning up my Amazon wish list. I also have a 3D model of St. Petersburg Cathedral that I still haven’t finished.

Okay, back to Lego talk.


Don’t forget to look at the top of the thread, @brattyjedi kicked this off with one.

@jgf1123 That dude is one of my heroes. I’ve also had that on my wish list for way too long. (I kind of want there to be a full-sized kit of plywood for sale, now that I can barely afford a tiny version).

Is your model of St. Petersburg Cathedral one of the Lego Architectural kits made of the tiny bits you usually lose track of? (They’ve made some incredible kits with those “throw away” parts). Or is it some other thing that sounds super-cool?


Time for a quick update. When I made the initial post, I was working on a Super Star Destroyer and said BB-8 was my next project. Those are both done. The Star Destroyer is in the game room with the Tantive IV, a Y-Wing, and both Death Stars.

BB-8 is in the office hanging with R2-D2.

I was also eager for the Harry Potter BrickHeadz that had just released at the time of the initial post. There are a lot of the BrickHeadz that I don’t like at all (the Star Wars ones for example), but I think these came out fantastic and was excited to get and build them! They are on a small shelf in front of my BA diploma so Hedwig has a roadrunner buddy behind him (school mascot on the mat).


That is legitimately cool, I love the Star Destroy and the BB-8 looks incredible (if not hard to build, I have no idea how you would make a sphere in Lego). My collection is a bit less impressive, but my pride and joy is…

Yes and for those wondering that is a robot chef.:rofl:


That robot chef is super cool!

I read once that the official version for making a sphere is the first thing taught to any newly hired Lego set designer / Master Builder.


The original item on my wishlist has had some wild price fluctuations. The mini strandbeests are being sold through Jansen’s online shop for $35 / GBP30. Amazon also has a load of presumably chinese knockoffs going for as little as $10.

I believe it is this one:


It’s happening!


Hehe, we’ll be at a friends tomorrow who has this exact thing built!*

*when the kids haven’t disassembled the arms or legs for ancilliary independent testing


I love 3d puzzles, 2d jigsaws just make me annoyed, they seem like pointless busywork. But to be honest, when I get bored of either of them, it can be really easy to peel off the graphics layer on either type and use decoupage glue or clear acrylic paint to apply those to practically anything porous. I used a 3D Tiffany lamp (one of the 3d puzzles with foam-backed pieces), to decorate an end table when I realized it was missing an essential piece.

I peeled off the dragonfly-looking-pieces and put them on in several layers, mixing the acrylic with pigment and letting it dry for the next layer, top layer without pigment.