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Building Kits: Lego, models, 3dPuzzles, etc


Over in the show off your game collection thread, my pictures of my game room elicited a few comments about the Lego sets also on display. There seemed a possibility of discussion of Lego taking over the thread so how about a new thread for our buildable collections? Surely I’m not the only one who can show off toy and display kits they’ve built such as Lego, models (maybe not gaming minis since I think that has a thread already?), 3D Puzzles, or whatever else can be put together from a box.

I’ll start things off with my Lego, though I also have several 3D puzzles and a few other similar things.

I recently moved in with my boyfriend and have considerably less display room than I had before so a great many of my Lego sets are currently in a closet. All the boxes and all but the bottom-most bin are filled with Lego. The purple bin is jigsaw puzzles. It’s a little sad having so much stored away, but I’m thinking I might start rotating sets, having one on display for a few months then switching to another. It’ll keep things interesting and also just gives me more excuses to build and rebuild. Plus, I have quite a few Winter/Holiday sets I’d only want out for a few months anyway. If you want a sense of what all is in there, I keep my collection pretty up-to-date on Brickset, the Lego equivalent of BGG. Sort by pieces (desc) will give you the biggest sets first.

One set that will never be rotated is the UCS Millennium Falcon, on display in the living room in a glass-top coffee table selected specifically for showing off the Falcon. For those who don’t know, UCS is Ultimate Collector Series and is the designation used for Lego’s biggest and most detailed sets. At the time of its release, this Falcon was the biggest Lego set ever. It has since been passed by a few sets, the most recent that I know of being an updated and improved version of the Falcon. I’m tempted by the new one, but it’s hard to justify the several hundred dollars price tag for a slightly improved version of a model I already have. In the not-too-distant future I’ll probably put together an X-Wing set to go next to the Falcon. I think I have one or two smaller ones that should fit in that spot.

This is getting big so... click for more Star Wars sets

Other Star Wars sets I currently have on display are pretty much all UCS. When I moved, any UCS builds I had out were moved as is, while the littler sets got put in baggies that are still mostly in the boxes and bins of the closet. The sets currently out are:

Tantive IV. I typically display this one nose out but I always debate turning it because I think the back is almost more interesting to look at.

Y-Wing. I love the details on this set.

Death Star II. This was the worst to move as there’s no good place to hold it. One section did come off in transition, but fortunately Lego are easily put back together.

Death Star Diorama. I love all the little rooms showing various Death Star scenes ans have it on a lazy susan so it can be turned to show all rooms. My favorites are the prison with a drop chute to the garbage masher which does mash and Luke and Leia swinging across the chasm.

I’m currently working on building the Super Star Destroyer. I’ve got the main support frame done, which somehow includes Vader, bounty hunters, and an imperial officer. The rest has to wait a bit as I’m soon going out of town for a couple weeks.

I’ve also got an R2-D2 on display. After the SSD, I’m planning to put together the BB-8 to go next to Artoo.

Other Geeky Lego: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Marvel Comics, etc.

After Star Wars, my biggest Lego sub-collection is probably Harry Potter. I have most of those sets. Currently, none of them are display. At my old house, there was a fireplace that no one used so I had all my Harry Potter out there, castle above the fireplace and everything else on the built-up hearth. All I can find right now are a couple old cell phone pics of that display.

I’ve also got several other geek sets like Marvel superheroes, Back to the Future, and Doctor Who. The TARDIS is the only regular set currently out.

I have some of the Marvel Brickheadz built, little blocky figures. I don’t like the Star Wars Brickheadz at all, but I like some of the Marvel ones and they just released some Harry Potter ones that I think look fantastic and can’t wait to get my hands on. I’ve also got some Marvel buildable figures from a Lego knock-off (Mega Blocks, I think) put together.

I’ve also got non-geek Lego, but they’re all in storage. Only exceptions are the collectible minifigures I’ve accumulated, and quite a few of those are geek-themed, too with history making up most of the rest (I have a PhD in American History). The most recent acquisitions here were the girl dressed as a blue Lego brick and the boy dressed as a red Lego brick for a costume party. I was very excited when Lego released these as blue is my favorite color and what I always play as when gaming while my boyfriend’s favorite and gaming color of choice is red. We’ve joked if we ever get married, we’ll have to have blue and red meeples on the wedding cake, but I’d take these Lego people as an acceptable substitute.

So that’s my collection. Or at least, the small parts of it currently put together. Anyone else have Lego, models, or similar built stuff they want to show off?

Show them off! Your big, sexy, bulging ... game collections!
Show them off! Your big, sexy, bulging ... game collections!

You are one of my favorite people ever, now. The Falcon is such a prize. I think the only other set I’d want more is the Disney castle.

Do you just pick up mini-figs every time you go to a store that has them? Because you have a few rare ones. (A couple that are repros? from series 1-4? I can’t tell, I’m a Lego nerd but I’m not that nerdy).

Whatever, this is pretty amazing. I’ll try to get some pictures in, but it may be difficult: fully (at least) half of “my” bricks are at my younger son’s mom’s house ( I was only able to retain Kylo’s shuttle and Poe’s X-wing, and some remnants of Vader’s Tie Fighter (the B-wing is sadly gone) and a bunch of Ninjago, DC, and city stuff. And some of the Mos Espa Podracer 3-pack.

Also an old R2-D2 Mindstorms.


That is all pretty amazing. Haven’t done too much lego, although I have been to LegoLand in California if that counts for anything?

Here is my latest masterpiece:




Apologies, @adrian, I should have done the full facepalm:



Ok, it’s not quite up the standards of the Falcon, but you gotta start somewhere, right? :smiley:


I will be eagerly awaiting updates to this thread.

My kid just destroys my masterpieces at this point although . . .

We did make these together:

(This was at least six month ago, and his first build, he’s improved quite a bit since, but he’s still pretty heavy on the destruction.)


I accidentally thought that was you at first, but just for a second (you can obviously type faster.)

(We all are also going to click “Like” for this guy. I don’t think we really have a choice.)

(I’m assuming the little person isn’t made of Lego).


I have that one, too. I haven’t built it yet. My boyfriend is more into Star Wars than my other interests so those are the ones most likely to go up in the near future. I might try to sneak the castle in somewhere. It’s a little big to sneak, though.

Sorry you and your Legos have been parted. Hopefully your kid is able to enjoy them at least.

Usually when a new minifig series is released, I look at the figures and decide if there’s any I want. If so, I will usually grab a couple or three packs blind and see what I get.Then if I didn’t get the ones I really wanted by random chance, I’ll start feeling packs in the store to identify the minifig in the bag and try super hard to get the one I most want. In a couple cases I’ve resorted to buying opened figures off ebay but not too many of those.

@adrian and @WGiant : Those are excellent builds and an adorable co-builder!


I am still in shock from discovering that Lego did specific kits that you were meant to use to build specific things. Maybe I am giving away my age a bit here, but back when I was a lad, you used Lego and your imagination to build . . . something.

Then I came across my first kit, it was something like this:

There were a few really strange things to the “I just have a bunch of lego bricks” era - first the baseplate with coloured nodules to show you where to start to build.

Second was the really odd quasi-bricks - like the grey pavement tiles, which were like very thin bricks or the strangely shaped bricks like archway bricks. But the really odd stuff was the doors on the vehicles, which were quite effectively hinged in lego style, but odd nonetheless.

As a kid in the mid-late 70s when these started coming out, it was a real shock and a radical departure. Like finding out the Netflix now showed sports or something. It was new and surprising, and I certainly didn’t realise that we were seeing the future of lego right there.


I enjoy making various game accessories out of legos—especially card trays and displays for massive table-hog games. Argent: The Consortium comes to mind (and is pictured here with a lego card display). I have some slots in the back of it for holding card decks for the displays, but I need to rebuild it now that I’ve sleeved my copy.


I had to blow up that photo to see what you were talking about, but once I saw it…brilliant.

Have you posted this here before? I swear it looks familiar.


I don’t think so…I’ve only been active here off and on (though I’m trying to be a bit more active!). I’ll try to take some better pictures of it today if people are interested.


Ok, I adjusted the tall card rack onto two smaller base plates and built a second card holder to account for larger decks with sleeved cards and the Argent expansion. Plus side: the card holder should work for multiple games! I added angled pieces to keep the cards in the holder like the Millennium Blades angled piece in the Meeple Realty insert.


Not Lego (we’ve temporarily given that a rest to afford more board games, plus no more room), but my granddaughter and I built our first thing out of foam core.

Bunny Kingdom has 180 cards in the deck. When sleeved, they like to topple over. So we built a card holder.

Nothing fancy, but it’s ours.


@cuteusagi That’s awesome. :star_struck:

@pattersonjeffa You gotta do what works, and that looks like it works pretty well.

Neither here nor there, but should we have a maker thread?


@pattersonjeffa That’s awesome! My SO started making foam core inserts and accessories like this and it is great!

Maybe we should make a DIY game accessories thread?




I like that idea tremendously.


FINE! HERE IT IS! A “Maker topic.”

Admittedly, it’s more general than game accessories. Maybe someone should make that, too? It’s not like this site has a limit on topics (well, it kind of does, but the focus is on community involvement).

I’m still trying to get pics of our Legos, they are divided up between two households with some unexpected bad things that happened I ain’t gonna go in to here (and I’m a bit of a flibbertigibbet, I can barely keep my battery (and the two back-ups) charged unless it’s for a working shoot), but believe me, I’m still trying.