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My concern, and my voting position, was firmly based on the enonomics of the situation. I’m a big cheerleader for free trade. I think that has biased me against the other arguments for and against.

Sorry people.


I don’t think it can be overlooked that the main political drivers of leaving the EC all have business ties to industries which have complained about the safety and workers rights granted by the EU, and enforced by the EU as well. (Or in one case, business ties to sanctioned Russian interests)

You can’t have free trade unless you all agree on minimum standards for the workforce.


I don’t think anyone really knew what the economic consequences of leaving the EU would exactly be, nor do they now.


Indeed, but by removing ourselves from the custom union we make trade more difficult (and hence expensive) The stuff that really shocked me was people telling me that if we had no deal we’d just revert to WTO rules as if that would be fine. For a product like Lamb, (where we export over 30% of production) any kind of import tariff would have a huge negative impact on the market. Car manufacturing is a huge headache, with car parts being imported/exported several times during the creation of a single car. I see no one on any side engaging on the financial side of things on a credible manner, not helped by the constant political infighting that has seemed to dog the process.


I think we can all agree on this;

Someone will make money from this,
Someone will lose money from this,
And the ordinary people will just have to soldier on,
Bearing both good and ill on their backs.

Of course, this would be true no matter what.


I didn’t get a chance to read it, but as always, even here in the Thunderdome you can call on any of the mods, and as angry as people have gotten here, I’m still very proud of all of you for not turning complete troll. (Now I keep wondering what that was about. Was it the stickers?!?)

Things get heated here, trash-talk happens, but they should never get personal. In the many years this forum had been here, I think getting personal has only happened once or twice and I’m amazed.

Even here, in the relatively lawless realm of the Thunderdome, I’m incredibly honored to be a part of a community were people can angrily disagree without devolving into a$$holes, and still can be friends afterwards.


I’m wondering; How do people feel about the Open Market and Free Movement?


Sorry for the delay, but David Davis’ resignation reminded me.

I found this really interesting, (Not the commentary, but the raw data) I find it really interesting how anyone votes don’t know in these surveys.

(Also the 5% of Americans who have no opinion on Donald Trump, Where have you been?)


I’m usually the pessimistic guy and I usually don’t talk about politics in person. But if you ever have the misfortune of opening a Brexit discussion with me, I will tell anyone that the outcome will be either no-deal or the UK conceding to most of the points of the negotiation.

I find UK politics to be one of the worst things I found when I migrated here, coming from a corrupt developing country. Maybe because of how penetratingly effective, sophisticated, and systematic the propaganda is - on ours, I feel it’s quite crude. Which resorts me to focus more on international relations - which is slightly better due to the anarchic structure of world politics.


I have a very strong opinion on FFVCS. I’m pretty sure you can figure out what it is.

That’s well-stated, @LaLunaVerde.

I started this topic just to see what would happen. I am still not taking any position on it (I don’t think I have the right to be opinionated about a country I don’t live in). I live in the US and didn’t understand it very well at the time. The debate that’s been going on here has helped me to figure out what’s going on in the UK.

P.S.: Today is election day in the US (a minor election, but still). I voted, and then wanted to find out what’s been going on here in The Thunderdome. It just seemed appropriate.


I had to look it up… then I couldn’t stop laughing!


Out of interest - it came up in a podcast I was listening to (More or Less I think) and when we leave Europe one of the things we have to worry about is running out of Sperm. For sperm banks that is. It seems we get most of ours (4000) from Denmark and (5000) from the US.


That is a very strange thing to know just off the top of your head, man.

I have made it a personal policy to not click “like” on any post in The Thunderdome, and to stay neutral about Brexit, but that’s a bonkers piece of trivia, dude.

How did you find that bit of information? What does that have to do with Brexit?!?!?

(Don’t get me wrong, that’s super amusing. What was the podcast?)


I find it very hard to believe that a post-Brexit Britain would be in danger of running out of wankers.


(I’m not sorry)


You are making it hard for me to not click “like” in The Thunderdome @bruitist.


I’ve been listening to a load of Podcasts recently and scrape my brain as much as I can I can only narrow it down to three;

No such thing as a fish
More or Less
Economics with Subtitles


The BBC also told me what an “Orchidometer” was too…


You had me at "Prader’s balls."

(Also, you can say “dammit” in The Thunderdome. It’s at least PEGI 16 here).

Hey! This has nothing to do with Brexit! Let’s get back on topic.

Is this now a dead subject? Has enough time passed that we can only talk about the backlash? I mean, the actual “thing” is done, right? What’s the aftermath? I still don’t have a lot of understanding about the current consequences, I’m not qualified to comment on the results.


I hate you and I love you


To be honest, Im tired of it. Pro-Brexit are not budging. Pro-EUs arent either. Westminster and Brussels have no common ground, so there wont be any meaningful compromise. The minimum demand on either side are two circles in a Venn diagram.

I am on that phase where the event is inevitable and youre just enjoying yourself rather than worrying. I will stockpile on goods next year though.


I agree with the content of that withdrawn post, FWIW.

As an emigrant from the UK, I just look on and sigh. The constant portrayal of the “inevitability” of it all reminds me of the war episode of Yes, Minister. So frustrating.

Consequences that affect people I know are still ongoing, and have been for some time. Friends and family involved in the sciences, the environment, academia, anything connected with the EU are getting fired, funds are drying up.


Haha I didn’t withdraw for any other reason than I’m trying to stop posting vague shouts into the abyss on the internet. It’s bad quality procrastination!