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I’m not even going to type anything to guide this topic. I’m sure there will be vitriol. Just go to town, folks.



(I suppose I should at least include a link to the Wikipedia article for people who don’t know what this is. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people in the world who have no idea what this is and doesn’t affect them immediately.)


I really don’t like the word, it’s just so inelegant and also, factually inaccurate.


Don’t get me started! :disappointed_relieved::zipper_mouth_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::nauseated_face::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


And it’s a total rip-off of Grexit. Not even original, just to make it worse.


English People: We want to determine our own destiny. Screw you Europe.

English People: BTW Scotland and Wales and N. Irelend, you’re stuck with us whether you like it or not.

A Sad and Sorry English Person


Now, now, the Welsh also voted in favour of this mess.


My currently politically disoriented and slightly paranoid mind can’t help but imagine Brexit was one domino in a chain of events whose end point was a complete dismantling of the Western powers, orchestrated by Russia, China, and their allies.

Articles like this don’t help:


Speaking as someone whose extended family is entrenched in British politics, as in - my Mum runs to be an MP every general election and we are the least political wing of the family - it’s a shitshow, from top to bottom.

It almost doesn’t matter if we stay or leave at this point, we could leave and it not be a major issue, there are a million ways that deals could be done so that we retain a good relationship with Europe. Unfortunately there are a million ways we can utterly screw over our own people, and at this stage we have people leading the transition who are putting, not even party, but factions of party ahead of what is best for their electorate. We are being ruled by a party being propped up by extremists who make Trumpists look well adjusted, our mp’s, cabinet members, shadow cabinet members and opposition are deeply tied to money which brings in unwelcome influences to the decisions they make - and lets call it what it is, corruption.

We have a massive worldwide problem with money influencing governments, and I’m certain that this is the root of the problem.

On a bright note, I need to say a heartfelt thank-you to Aaron Banks. He has done me, and possibly many others a huge favour. As I’m sure you know, he was the diamond magnate who financed a lot of Brexit. Well, Aaron Banks, thank-you. Thank-you for making fake diamonds more desirable to the person I would buy one for than the real thing. You’ve potentially saved me a great deal of money. Now kindly fuck off, and keep your blood money out of politics. Smae goes to every other corporation and financer and oligarch in the world, enjoy what you’ve earned and stop trying to be petty little kings, you are not Varys, you are Wormtongue.


Well, personally I can’t wait to get rid of all them foreigners. I mean what have the ever done for us? I mean apart from Staffing our hospitals, building our homes, working hard at jobs no-one wants to do, bringing in fresh culture and entertainment.

I mean, nothing right?

PS. For real; I hate brexit. Why the hell are we leaving? It’s not as though Europe hates us… I mean for gods sake, in Ypres they still play the last post every day to thank us for our help in WW1!


Because red white and blue sovereignty, and British Law for BriTaiN anD JAM ExPoRtS AnD THE COMMONWEALTH WiLL SuReLY SAvE Us AFtER WhAT WE DiD FoR tO THEM>>>>>?


None of this computes…

Reboot… Reboot… For God’s Sake Why will nobody Reboot…



When the Brexit vote was occuring my wife was pro-brexit. She wanted release from Europe so that we could create our own destiny. She bought the lies that we would get back control, money etc. etc.

However, when she got back from the voting booth I asked her what she had voted and she told me a version of this;

“I stood in the booth for a good five minutes trying to decide which way to vote. And in the end I voted to stay in. Not for fear but… because I like feeling like I am part of something bigger than myself.”

And I wish that was the way they had worked against Brexit instead of the fear mongering.


As an expat I look on in horror. I keep going through all the paperwork to get my mum to put a check next to a non-Tory name in my stead (Labour, just because tactical voting), and it keeps making no difference.

Literally every single person I know in the UK is aghast at the entire thing, not one of them bought into any of the pro-Brexit talk, and many of them stand to see or have seen significant cuts in funding, layoffs, all that good stuff.

Literally the only window I have into any impressions “on the ground” is the racist bullshit my wife has suffered on our last three visits to the UK (over a period of about 6 years). Opened my eyes to a side of the UK I hadn’t previously been aware of.


Daily Mail Sales… Openly opposed equal pay for women, whoever is the “stranger of the moment”, LGBTQ+ in any way they can, while they also supported fascism, appeasement, . They represent the lowest, mean spiritest, hypocritical and spiteful British sentiment. They knowingly lie to control their readership, spread fear and hatred to stop their readers from showing a bone of decency to whoever they regard as the enemy and generally are an abusive element in British lives.

My choice headlines to represent them wrapped up in one:

Women who want to succeed at work should shut up. Men should keep talking. Research says.

Second biggest selling newspaper. Maybe I always saw it, being, and I quote “The brownest boy in the school”, maybe it was when, after being chained to a tree overnight and had the local white supremacists urinate on me, my parents (because I was 9 years old) were laughed out of the police station. Maybe it was that my teachers called me “Monkeyman”, to the delight of the rest of the school, or maybe it’s how we historically have always treated foreigners - and by historically, I mean our most recent piece of history is Windrush, but for me, Britain has always made me ashamed to be British.


OK, I knew I was going to regret writing that. I mean, as a teenager I was of course aware of racism in the UK - the way shopkeepers in Canterbury treated French tourists always shocked me, for instance. I lived in a very white rural town though, and I never knew any Daily Mail readers. When you are young and naive it is very difficult to take any interest in anything that doesn’t directly affect you (at least that’s my excuse).

Having a vague awareness, and having your nose rubbed in it (or being pissed on), are very different things though, and going through border control interrogations and having random people strike up conversations about gold-diggers and Thai brides in ear shot were some of many eye-opening moments for me, personally.


That wasn’t my intention at all, I’m not a “if you’re not a part of the solution, you’re part of the problem” believer, but you’ve got to see, the people you’re now hearing, are doing only what they know they can get away with - when they can get away with worse, many of them choose to do so.


A friend of mine has taken to using the hashtag “shambles” on all his social media posts which are linked to Brexit.

I suggest everyone do the same.

Edit; Case in point, a headline in today’s tabloids is that a government official left Brexit documents on the Eurostar. I mean, really.


Surely he shouldn’t have been on a Eurostar. Sounds a bit too europeany.


@SleepyWill I’m sorry you had to go through all that. I have a story that makes me sound like a racist butthole, but bear with me.

I come from a northern industrial town, that has a large Asian population, but growing up had no black kids. The only place I had seen anyone that was black was on TV - Lenny Henry I think!

So, imagine 14 year old me going to Manchester for the first time… I saw my first non-white/non-Asian person and… I am embarrassed to say this… I stopped in the street and just stared! I was enchanted. SO much more interesting than all the boring white people I had seen. Such beautiful contrast! Such interesting shades! Such just wow! Such me nearly getting my head beat in for staring open-mouthed! I looked like a right prick!

Now, I’m over it now… but I will admit it was a rather formative experience.

And hopefully, it’ll make you giggle. Has almost nothing to do with your story, but still!

As an aside, four years later I went to Manchester again and saw guys holding hands and got very, very confused. I hadn’t, consciously, seen anyone who was gay before. And we went on a pride day. Not good. Took me a while to get over that one.

On the European front, I was a bit of a bigot; till I started playing World of Warcraft and found out that all these friends I was making weren’t just British people, but from all over Europe. That made me want to belong. But that’s another story…

PS. Yes, I grew up in a very isolated home!


Although I was the darkest person in my school, I am not black - if I’m out a lot in the summer, people think I’m middle eastern, but after winter, most people think I’m white with bronzer - so I don’t pretend to have not had the same reaction to similar things - I think what’s important is not that you stopped and stared, it’s not that you got confused - those things are natural, completely normal and shouldn’t be denied.

What’s important is that you could change your prejudices when confronted with the evidence. That’s all we can do really, either that or spend our childhood experiencing literally every culture possible, and who knows, when teleportation becomes a reality, maybe these prejudices will get phased out… until then…