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As in Quinns’ board game collection. Where do your favourite games sit?


Off of this grid.


I have to admit that a continuum between “Reiner Knizia” and “Real Time” seems quite poetic… I have a hard time placing “Spooky” directly in the middle of it.


As someone who’s never played a Knizia game, I’m spread across the right half.


Well I own Lost Cities and Battle Line, so I have two Knizia games. I can also categorize exactly two games as real time: Bananagrams, and Uno (variant). The rest fall into neither category, but they’re certainly not spooky either.

I would like to propose a third axis to the organizational system (perhaps Newbie Friendly <–> Heavyweight Gamer’s Game), and suggest that my shelf fits somewhere in front of / behind Quinns’ shelf. Likely on the Newbie Friendly side of things, which I presume to the front of the three dimensional Kallax structure, as the Heavyweight Gamer’s Game category certainly doesn’t go front and center lest you scare your guests.


The more I think about this, the more I return to my original conclusion: Quinns doesn’t understand axes.

“Axes” is the correct plural of “axis”:


The basic concept of Think-y Games vs Fast Games, and Eurogame vs Storytelling Game isn’t a terrible system (exceptions will abound, but whatever), but Spooky and Reiner Knizia mess things up.


I also want to say that I appreciate that Quinns is (for the most part) a horizontal stacker.

It shouldn’t make me feel better about my horizontal stacking choices, but it does.



Yours, etc…
The Church of Vertical Shelvers


I’ll try to do a spectrum of fast game <> heavy games / Euros <> thematic on Easter weekend. I wonder if theres any tool to make this easy :thinking::thinking::thinking:


And then Matt and Kylie’s collections throw the compass off, lol.

I’ve got my shelves sorted by publisher at the moment, though the majority of my collection would probably sit in Quinns’ Euro section.




Both “Reiner Knizia” and “real-time” are absolutes, not quantifiers, so there are only 3 points my games could be on along the X-axis (made by Knizia, real-time, or neither)? Fortunately I don’t have any real-time Knizia games, or things would definitely get “spooky”.

That said, I don’t even know where these axes came from, so perhaps it’s a joke and I’m not in on the punchline.


It was the Quinn’s Top 136 (or more) Board Games video.

He tried to say that his kallax shelves were organized by axes…so you get the chart. His shelves just seemed more organized by type of game and where the boxes fit though.


My organization scheme is pretty simple. I am allowed a single row of a horizontally-oriented Kallax and am hard limited by space, with a single exception. So, I’m binary: Is Catacombs/Is not Catacombs.

Hard choices get made when I can’t Tetris my shelved games into fitting, at which point something has to leave.


uses Fill tool on chart


I have a question regarding Pandemic Legacy Season 1.


We have got three upgrades on two of the diseases. So, we can cure them not at a research station, and it doesn’t take an action. Does this mean we can cure them not on that players turn? Or does it have to be cured during the action phase, but just doesn’t count as an action. For example, a player draws the last card they need to cure them, can they cure it right then, before their next turn. Or say trading cards, essentially can a person cure the disease not on their turn?



@Monkefied9 You should probably ask here, but I vaguely remember reading an FAQ on BGG, and they said yes you can cure in all the situations you listed.