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Board game recommendation engine


It showed my number one as Legacy of Dragonholt…and that’s probably one of my top three wishlist items currently, so that was spot on.

It had quite a few games I’ve been interested in and many that exist on various lists I have.

Cool stuff, I always like generated lists based on my tastes. Maybe down the line some sort of filter or removal tool to shape the list even more.

Edit: now that it’s not 1:30 am I’m looking at it again and realized how many filters there were. Excellent.


Hello everybody! I’ve finally got around to implementing the feature that was requested most often: filtering recommendations based on a user’s collection.

If you now search for recommendations (cf. Uwe Rosenberg’s: https://recommend.games/#/?for=BohnanZar), games marked as owned in that user’s collection will be filtered out by default. By clicking the triangle next to “GO!” you can adjust the filtering further to exclude games on the wishlist and/or games the user has played.

Let me know what you think!


In case anybody is still following, I made some major updates to https://recommend.games/#/:

  • Recommendations are now possible without BGG account - just select games you like and the engine will find recommendations for you.
  • On a game’s page, similar games are displayed. Both of those features still produce pretty basic results, but it’s a start.
  • I’ve added a board game news aggregator, a simple collection of board game news sources: https://recommend.games/#/news



I find it quite a useful tool! And it convinced me to check out Inis. :slight_smile:

Any plans to add some more games to select from for people without a bgg account?


Much improved. Only one duplicate recommendation (Puzzle Strike and Puzzle Strike: Shadows) and a few games that I’m interested in trying.


Adding more games to select would be very easy, I only restrict it to 12 (those with most votes on BGG) for space reasons. But you can also select the games in the regular list after that. This way you can select a few games, get some recommendations, select those you like and keep refining. :sunglasses:


It’s just that you seem seem to get more or less the same result, whichever one you select from those twelve. Would it help to also enter disliked games?

How do you do that?


When you hit “select games”, the games in the list become selectable, so just tapping them will add them to your liked games. You can see that games are selectable by the thumb in the square. I’ll think of a way to make that clearer. :sunglasses:


Great new update. It’s very clear now. Good job!


I’m glad to hear! Yeah, I’ve implemented a couple of change to https://recommend.games/ over the past few weeks and months, but the traffic and feedback has become a little slower, so happy about any message. :sunglasses: