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Blood On The Clocktower Transcript


I created a transcript of the segment on the 87th SUSD podcast where they talk about Blood on the Clocktower for my hearing impaired dad thought I would share it here so it might be useful to someone else.



Well done! Thank you!

(EDIT: If you want to do any more, go for it. One thing I’ve always wanted for this place, is for it to be more accessible. That’s difficult to do with a slap-dash team of (admittedly) hundreds of nerds, but most of them are lazy nerds, and couldn’t be arsed to do what you did. If you want to create any more transcripts of the shows, or help the community to make them, I would personally be in your debt.)


This is great! Do you mind if I add it to the folder of other transcripts for the podcasts? tinyurl.com/susdtranscripts

If you’re interested in joining the project for transcribing new podcast episodes, send me a PM with your email and I can add you as an editor to that folder.


Sure go ahead and add it that would be great. I’ll pm you my email since i’m going to try make another transcript though i’m busy with school so I can’t promise anything is that OK?


Thanks! I’ve added it as a partial podcast 87.

That’s absolutely okay! Expected, even; everyone’s got a lot on their plate these days. It’s a do-what-you-can-when-you-can kind of operation. You can find all the info about it in this thread: The SU&SD Fan Transcript Project


Thanks for jumping in @InkyBloc, I missed my step on that one, I totally should have linked that with my last post. Boy, is my face red.

(FYI, Inky started the Transcript Project back in December, I believe, and is one of my favorite threads that I hope whoever can support it, will support it).