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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #4

Whispers to @Assussanni.

So has anyone any info to share or are we killing pillbox for the second time?

With this few players, might as well open nominations.

I nominate @pillbox

:ghost: I encourage everybody to vote Yes as long as ruling out me being the Zombuul and minimizing the amount of death (due to a potential Po triple-kill tonight) is our priority. I will, of course, reserve my ghost vote for another time; I’m sure you all understand :ghost:

Well, with that fervent defense, I have voted.

I have also submitted my voting slip.

I can’t help feeling that we’re being encouraged to waste a chance to execute someone on a player that’s already dead, but I also can’t really argue with that logic. We need to be sure.

(Edits for spelling.)

I have voted

Ok i’ve voted

I voted no as pillbox is either a brilliant double bluffer or on team good and I am convinced they are on team good.

Any other suggestions on who we can kill at this point otherwise I think we have to let the pillbox kill go ahead?

Whispers back to @Bradburn while considering my vote and today’s gossip.

I mean, we could go with the original plan and execute @RossM. But if he is the Regent and if the Godfather is in play and if we have a Po then that’s potentially a huge number of people potentially dying.

Edit: also whispers back to @Assussanni.

Whispers back to @Bradburn about what the day’s gossip might be.

Also, I have voted.

Aren’t we all in agreement I’m good?

I vouch for @RossM. Not that anyone can vouch for me…

So, the lack of death last night means we either have (from most likely to least likely in my eyes):

1 - A Zombuul, and killing cadavers is very important
2 - A Po, and we are so very screwed tomorrow
3 - A Pukka, who just happened to select pillbox on the first night which would also mean their chambermaid information was wrong due to poisoning.
4 - A Shabaloth, whose kills were misdirected by some combination of selecting pillbox, the existence of an exorcist, The existence of an Innkeeper, the existence of a Pacifist, or the existence of a Tea Lady.

I think the third case, while less likely, would really effectively confuse team good. It might be worth checking on who nominated pillbox, and who campaigned for their execution. Pulling this off would be extremely effective cover for a Pukka.

We also have a claimed Sailor, who has to choose someone each night and then either he or the chosen person is Drunk.

And we could have a Fool.

Has somebody claimed Sailor in public? Or is this something that has gone around in whispers?

As far as I am aware this is still what is publicly known.

Oops, my bad. I was remembering something you said where you had said soldier, and someone corrected you to Sailor. I thought it was a claim.

Forgot to make this post, but @kzz has nominated @pillbox.

I need votes from @kzz and @RossM

You are the person who I think is most likely to be good, but you never quite be sure in this game! If you are evil then doesn’t that mean that COMaestro must also evil? If so, that seems like a high-risk “all eggs in one basket” plan to me.