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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #4

whispered to RossM

I am not nominating.

I think that’s everyone, so it’s gossiping time. Since if I say something true it kills someone, I think I’ll aim for something that I think is false and reserve a true guess for trying to identify the demon.

I don’t have a lot to go on, so… “Have you heard? Rumour has it that there are not two Outsiders in this town.”

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Whispered back

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All right.

No one is nominating anymore, so we proceed with the execution of @pillbox. In Bad Moon Rising, being executed does not always equal death.

But this time, pillbox dies, and become the first ghost player in the village :ghost:.

Night 1 begins. I will be sending every living player a message, either respond be telling me your action or by liking the message if you have no action.

pillbox sighs and slumps his shoulders.

“You’re all making a huge mistake! Who’s going to empty your chamber pots now, huh? Well, not me; because as a ghost, my hands will be unable to interact with the physical plane,” he observes.

Shuffling his feet, he approaches the gallows and makes one final plea.

“Listen, you’re all being manipulated! I can’t tell by whom, but certainly one of either RossM or kzz are not who they say they are. Mark my words, there will be no safety and no peace of mind in this village until the outsider problem is dealt with!”

And then he was hung.

:ghost: I feel as if ghosts should have the ability to spy on people at night :ghost:

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Night 1 ends, and the villagers realize that no one died during the night.

Player Role
kzz alive
COMaestro alive
Bradburn alive
pillbox dead, 1 vote
Assussanni alive
GeeBizzle alive
RossM alive
skeletor alive

Day 2 begins

I would like to note this bit from an example in the rules:

“The Zombuul is executed and appears to die. It cannot attack

:ghost: That’s true. But that’s not conclusive. Do not rule out Po :ghost:

If you really are worried about Zombuul, then kill me again.

I was wondering whether to suggest executing @pillbox again (sorry pillbox, I was the one person who didn’t want you dead yesterday), but it could be a clever ploy by a Po and three of us end up dying tomorrow night.

I’m happy that my gossip didn’t kill anyone, which makes me think that RossM and kzz are telling the truth, although there is always the possibility I was/am drunk or poisoned.

I look forward to seeing what the other townsfolk have to say about the night’s events.

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Also, with recent developments, I guess now that my first night ability triggered the Goon ability? Thus, I received an incorrect reading.

[EDIT] Also, does that mean we have a confirmed Godfather? So it’s starting to look like a Po/Godfather combo that we need to worry about.

[EDIT 2] Dang, I guess we need to account for our Gossip not being a real Gossip… which is strange, but they are certainly gossiping.

Whispers to @RossM.

Your edits speak to just how confusing the situation is, @pillbox. The lack of demon kill last night, or any other death, doesn’t necessarily tell us a whole lot at the moment.

This is very true. With possibility of an Innkeeper or Tea Lady, we may have a demon that chose someone who just didn’t die. Same with possibility of a Fool and a non-drunk Sailor. Guess I jumped the gun earlier in suspecting we might have “killed” a Zombuul, though it’s still a possibility.

EDIT: I’ve said “possibility” way too much in this post.

That’s certainly possible.

I think you meant to say, “That’s a possibility.”


There are seven of us alive.
If we kill someone today and there is a Po that means tomorrow is 3 people alive, with possibly 2 minions. A scenario I’m not fond of.

I think we’d better just stay put for now.

I have to agree. But in the case that it makes anybody feel better, we could kill me again to rule out me as Zombuul

Killing pillbox again certainly sounds more sensible than doing nothing.

Am I the only one starting to believe we made a mistake on pillbox?

The gossip is alive. That bodes well.

I think if pillbox was evil then they were probably the Godfather rather than the Zombuul, but killing them again is better than doing nothing.

While I am happy to be alive, every time I try and think of a clever thing to say to get definitive information I end up finding some scenario that throws a spanner in the works (which I’m sure is exactly how the Gossip is designed to work!). Nobody dying last night was definitely the best outcome I could have hoped for.