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Blood on the Clocktower PBF #4

whispered back to skeletor

Player Role kzz RossM
kzz alive No Yes
COMaestro alive No No
Bradburn alive No No
pillbox alive Yes Yes
Assussanni alive No No
GeeBizzle alive No No
RossM alive No Yes
skeletor alive No No

kzz has received 1 vote, not enough for an execution.

RossM and kzz cannot be nominated
Bradburn and pillbox cannot nominate

I’m nominating @pillbox


Lots of little things.

The fact he ‘checked’ both people who claim to be outsiders.

The fact he voted to execute both of these outsiders

The fact he voted for me even after I said that if I died I would use my revenant power to point at him.

I think he’s the reason we have two outsiders, and he’s also the person most motivated in seeing one of them die.

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I have voted

I have also submitted my voting information.

I have voted

i have voted

@RossM has nominated @pillbox

We sure are getting nominations today.

I have an on-going power that will continue to collect information each night. Even if you think I’m evil, at least let me collect a bit more information before killing me. If I am good, then I will certainly be killed or poisoned or whatever. If I’m still alive on day three, then I would volunteer to die.

[EDIT] I have voted

Don’t forget to vote pillbox. If your good this might all work out fine if we have a professor.

I have voted

I have voted

I have voted.

Player Role pillbox kzz RossM
kzz alive Yes No Yes
COMaestro alive Yes No No
Bradburn alive Yes No No
pillbox alive No Yes Yes
Assussanni alive No No No
GeeBizzle alive Yes No No
RossM alive Yes No Yes
skeletor alive Yes No No

Pillbox has received 6 votes, and will be executed unless someone else receives at least 6 votes.

RossM, kzz and pillbox cannot be nominated
Bradburn, pillbox and RossM cannot nominate

No nominations for me.

Well, it looks like I may need to think of some gossip pretty soon… I’m open to suggestions.

No nomination.

no nomination here

Perhaps a good gossip would be around the number of outsiders in the village. i.e. something like “we have two outsiders in the village” or “we have one outsider in the village”. Perhaps a bit too much of a gamble?


“If I die tonight it will be as the result of the demon.”

Would that break the game? :crazy_face:

I am fine not nominating.